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Marque waxes are a lovely range of waxes which are made from a varying range of oils and waxes to give you different effects.

We arrange different combinations which can result in a wide variety of looks such as light gloss, dark gloss, clarity for metallic flake, accurate replication of colour (i.e not darkening or changing the hue).

I love testing sand developing different waxes and The Marque Collection allows me to work freely and really push the boundaries of the natural products and I'd really love you to experience this.

Each wax from The Marque Collection is unique and has a different set of characteristics.

The Marque Collection is fully interchangeable for any car, feel free to ask and I will help to choose the perfect wax for your needs.

For instance, Bentley Boys looks fantastic on light colours which are metallic.

Bond is great for cars with high quality clear coats and has lots of clarity with nice reflections.