About Us

When we began crafting of our superior car waxes, we did this with a sole vision in mind. We believed vehicles deserved to be nourished with specific treatments that would compliment the paint system on the car.

We believe in something better, a car wax which is made for maximum clarity, a car wax whose brief is to offer as much protection as possible without the use of petrochemicals. We only use the finest ingredients, sourced for their protective and aesthetic properties. When you hold a Mitchell and King creation you feel a connection, from one enthusiast to another.

Our blends are carefully considered and highly refined substances are often organic, pharmaceutical and refined without the use of harsh chemicals. The natural scent of our car wax was an added advantage as it releases a natural sprinkling of fragrance divinity.

We believe that cars should be treated the same way humans are, with respect, with care and with the best nature has to offer. This is why, today, our car waxes don’t only produce a high gloss finish, they also protect and nourish paintwork, keeping it safe from weather systems.