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A Privilege to use

Applied in direct sun left for 30 minutes to cure and still came off easily. The finish exceeded my expectations. Gloss, reflections, clarity all stunning.

Perfect clay cloth

Excellent quality,Much much better than one I bought for nearly same price off EBay that literally fell apart after less than half a dozen uses. 10/10 for this one.


Just finished using Fortitude on a BMW X6, and I have bought quite a few wax’s of John, and without doubt all his products are excellent, but fortitude is quite stunning, I also used Titan on the car prior to applying 2 coats of wax and the finish is like a mirror.

Wax Plus

Bought the Wax Plus liquid after getting a sample after purchasing Amalfi wax. It really does enhance the beading effect and is so easy to use. Whilst driving it’s nice to see rain just sheet off the bonnet. It works just as well after a simple wash as it does after waxing.

Civic Type (FN)

I purchased this was a while ago from john, thought i finally get round to trying it out on one of my new projects, think the wax speaks for it self very impressed

I Have Done It Again!!!

That good i have now bought a 3rd set.


Great product. Easy to use. Gives the car paintwork that little bit extra shine, and helps to protect it a bit more.
It does what it says on the tin, as all Mitchell&King products do

Lovely Wax

I knew Rory was going to be special when I saw the pot. So easy to apply and has such a lovely smell. Delighted with the results. Produces some lovely beading as well.

Snow V2
Snow foam

I have tried dodo juice chemical guys snow foam before I tried Mitchell and king snow foam and to say I was blown away is an understatement I was that impressed I bought 10 litres and gave my neighbour all my other snowfoam can’t rate this product enough

Best Spray Air Freshener On The Market

I have used many spray air fresheners and have not found a one that last more than 24hrs. Well up to now 36hrs and the rose and oudh smells superb, still smell it when getting in the car, I am happy with that.

Life - Sprung the Spring

Initial impression of this wax, in an attractive jar with the acrylic drop label, was very favorable.
The application to date from using Life, is its the one that has slid off the applicator the easiest, of the M&K waxes I've used. Furthermore, the drying wet wax on the paint, lasted there for a long time while in the sun.
The warm air may of been more moist as this wax took its time to dry down. Life's nature seems more wet out of the jar, and surprise, more fun to have used.

That Good I Bought Another

As the title says this is a superb kit and whilst on offer it must be the best deal on the internet at the moment. Grab it whilst you can. Oh and another quality freebie package.

True Enhacer

Truly enhancing QD with great beading/sheeting and effect.
Really gives the paint a glow showing off the paints full colour.

Great wax.

It looks like new!!! WAX with gold( REAL GOLD) fore a beautiful car.!!!

You must try!!! Photo with car on M&K Facebook!!!!

Great plastic dressing

Does exactly what it says on the bottle. Easy to apply and trims look like new. Cannot comment on longevity as only applied today but looks good.

One of the best out there

I have tried many tyre dressings over the years and this is certainly one of (if not the) best out there. Very easy to use and layer if needs be. Like most things its all in the prep and if tyres are clean this dressing will last weeks.

Brilliant QD

Used this for the first time today. Layered on top of wax+ and the shine is superb. Very easy to use and would certainly recommend.

Great Protection

Easy to apply and left a good finish on my wheels. The next time I washed the car I noticed the beading immediately. The wheels seemed much easier to clean as well.

Awesome Kit For The Price.

Arrived today and have to say delivery was spot on, tracked all the way for free. Bottles look great and i know that is not makes you car gleam but you like products to look good on the shelf and due to M&K's reputation these stand pride of place. Options for the liquids is impressive, lots of choice. Cannot wait to try these over the weekend and I have to say they have a lot to live up to as there reputation is up there with the best. I believe you get what you pay for so although not expensive with the current offer, normal prices put them up there in the premium bracket, hence my expectations. Time will tell but I know I will not be disappointed going off other reviews.

Super Glossy Wax booster

Very easy to use and really enhances the gloss. Great way to increase the longevity of your wax and increase hydrophobic properties.

Very Satisfied Mitchell&King QD

My friends and family are very satisfied with Mitchell&King QD
But the shipping address is wrong, so delay delivery
Overall very satisfied with the purchase of this product Thanks!


I use PURE before applying wax.
Very easy to use. I want to buy this again.


Easy to use and leaves a great shine.
I usually use this after washing to maintenance waxed body.


Very easy to apply and leaves a fantastic finish.
I think Mason is the best wax for black colour.


Easy to apply and nice finish!
I want to buy this product again.