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Is this an order error?

I only received the liquid and wax.
I am in great trouble.

Hello, thank you for your review. Yes there has been an error with the packing. The replacement products will be sent today. Thank you, John

Carpet stripe

Really easy to use and empresses with the results 🤙

E. M

Superb finish, should see the winter out.

Superb detail spray and free wax.

Only just discovered Mitchell and King. Wax polish is amazing; easy to apply, easy to buff up and a wonderful gloss finish. Used the applicator and detail spray (QD) for ease of application and superb gloss finish. Mug is a nice touch for tea when polishing!

Show Car Wax
Chris Warner
Show car wax

Well it certainly does give a show car finish. Easy on I thought, took a little longer to cure with warm panels but not long on the cooler panels. Leaves a great shine and the beading was amazing. When driving in the heavy rain the water was just running up and off the bonnet. Really worth the money

Yamashita Daisuke

This wax is easy to apply and wipe. And it's glossy, cheap. It is recommended.

歩夢 浜本
Thank you always.

I think we are at the forefront of the world.

I will use it a lot from now on.

good product

This product is very useful to use M&K wax.
The size is larger than other applicators.

Les Orvis
Worth the extra money

My favourite wax from Mitchell & King had been Rannoch, this has now be bettered by Ultra. I have found it easier to apply, probably because I now follow John's instructions, apply in thin even lines over the panel. I have left the wax on the car for about an hour before buffing off. 2 layers certainly give you a deeper gloss and the water beading properties are excellent, as the photo of the roof of my car shows. I would certainly recommend this wax.

지영 임


Colin M.
As deep as the Mediterranean

Like all the M&K waxes I've tried, this one goes on easily and buffs off with zero effort. Normally with other (non-M&K) waxes I only apply one layer as they are too much effort. With Amalfi, I couldn't wait to apply another layer. Easy on, easy off and you're left with a super deep finish. There is definitely a darkening effect to my blue paint work and it looks all the better for it. Longevity has been great so far.

Colin M.
A buddy good wax

I just had to try this when it arrived with the usual speedy delivery from M&K. Hailing from the wettest town in Scotland it has a lot to live up to. I managed to get one side of the car done before the inevitable rain started. Thankfully only a shower. A quick dry and it was back to waxing. This wax goes on really quickly and cures in no time at all - even at 10C. It leaves a really good gloss for such an easy to use wax. Too early to tell on longevity, but this will likely be my go to winter wax. Lovely product.

Complimentary kit

Very prompt dispatch.Look forward to trying complimentary Bute.

Addiction | 1 of 6
Chris Warner
Very addictive is addiction

Well I just had to try it on the wife’s Clio in celadon blue. What a great smell, almost good enough to eat. Easy enough to use, just let it cure properly as with all M&K wax and buff off. It has rained today and the beading was great. Well worth the money.

4" Microfibre Wax Applicator Pads
ジュン スズキ


Makoto Higuchi
glossy and wet

My use was not AMALFI but MARCH EQUINOX.
This product is easy on and off.
And the balance of gloss and wetness is so good.
Moreover metallic flake is pop up.
The fragrance is nice and similar to Japanese bath bomb.


most gloss of any wax



Gloss and excellent hydrophobic....

I've tested this for 8 month Winter, Spring, Summer, i can tell you its an excellent wheel sealant if applied correctly. I do recommend first time user, you clean and decontaminate the alloys (iron fallout remover) then dry wheels, then i use panel wipe down. I prefer to spray the sealant on a microfibre pad, then apply and spread the product let it sit for a minute. Then buff off with a microfibre cloth. I do recommend another application on your next wash to up build layers (Especially colder month Autumn & Winter). Gloss is fantastic and the bead, excellent product to use during colder month because it's quick and easy. Cleaning your alloys becomes easy due to the sealant. Highly recommend you try this!


A good cloth at £1.49 you can’t go wrong can you

Dilution Bottles
Richard Jones
Dilution bottles

Good sturdy bottles,great with the dilution ratio's on the side makes mixing products alot easier and good value for money to boot.

Prive | Luxury Concours Wax
ジュン スズキ

It was easy to use and good

Nice bonus

Its the attention to detail that marks out Mitchell & King from other companies and the inclusion of the free complimentary kit when you spend over £100 is just one example of that attention. The contents of the complimentary kit are useful and tasty, a welcome bonus

恭司 高見澤
The best wax

This wax is the best. You can see it by using it

Diamond Seal
Diamond Seal

You can do PURE work and do diamond seals easily. You can experience incredibly good reflections and slicks.