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Bentley Boys

Superb Depth and Metallic Flake

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  • Superb depth and metallic flake
  • Very easy to apply
  • Protection of more than 4 months
  • New personalised label
  • New top label
  • Only 15 available per year
  • 100% Natural Oils & Waxes
  • Made In House
  • Made In The U.K.

Your Bentley car wax is a true testament to fine craftsmanship. As you know Bentley is still manufactured by craftsmen in Crewe and they offer some of the finest vehicles to grace our roads. When you are inside or around a Bentley, it has the power to make you feel special.

To ensure your Bentley retains it's peak aesthetic we advise protecting the carriage-work from water etching, UV damage and general degradation. As you know, without a protective layer the most menial tasks, such as keeping the paintwork clean can be a trying task. A protective coating will ensure water sheets quicker from the surface and less contaminants cling to the carriage-work.

Our mantra is; preventing paint damage is far easier than repairing paint damage.

As a Bentley owner, you immediately enter a world of exclusivity and luxury. We only release 15 BB waxes every year as we have found this number allows Mitchell and King to uphold our personal service.

You may believe that your Bentley is a representation of your establishment's success and as you wish to be presented in an immaculate light, so must your transport.

Along with your enclosure you will receive a personalised welcome letter from myself, certificate and usage instructions.

If you require one of our Approved Ambassadors to apply the wax for you, please make a note of this at point of purchase and I shall arrange this for you.

If you have any further enquiries please of telephone +44 1877 365 005


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