Car Wax for an Aston Martin

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Bond is a car wax which is specifically blended for a modern Aston Martin, it also suits cars with metallic flake and those with lighter colour schemes such as Silver and White.

Your Aston Martin is a striking car, one of the most elegant to grace modern day roads. It is fitting to have a creation to match the majesty of such a car.

Bond is designed to emphasie the Aston Martin's powerful lines. We are able to do this with carefully selected ingredients which increase the sharp light reflections.

Bond contains high quantities of pure White Brazilian carnauba wax. White carnauba is highly reflective and offers a more glass like finish which compliments the modern Aston Martin's clear coat.


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Great service and advice!

I was adviced by John and directed this wax for my Manhattan Grey A4 Avant... Get advice and service, I've not got to try this wax yet as in a fit of rage due to a recurring paint defect I sold the car :{

Gloss, Gloss & More Gloss

Not quite an Aston Martin but used this wax on our 1990 Diamond White XR3i. Gloss levels achieved were epic; had the added aid of M&K Pure, prior to it's application.

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