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Dripping Wet, Glossy Paint Car Wax

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Lavender is one of our most popular waxes. Lavender will leave your paintwork looking dripping wet with gloss.
Due to its ingredients which contain high-quality T1 carnauba wax, the blend also contains natural fruits and oils giving a cosmetic grade lavender fragrance.
Lavender will give you 3-4 months longevity which can be boosted by regular maintenance washes and top up with products such as wax+, endurance, or glace.
I could keep talking about how good this wax is but I will point you in the direction of all the 5-star reviews.
Lavender, like all Mitchell and King waxes, are made in-house and hand-poured to perfection. Quality is assured with any Mitchell and King wax.


Super Gloss, Even On White!

Only 20, 200ml's available. 

Do you want dripping wet, super high gloss paint ? Lavender car wax is a brilliant blend containing natural fruit and nut oils combined with high quality T1 Carnauba Wax which results in a truly outstanding car wax. 

As you apply the wax you will encounter the cosmetic grade Lavender fragrance wrap you in luxury. You will know that what you are applying is something very special indeed. 

The comments and compliments I've received as I have been testing Lavender on the car is staggering. The paint is so liquid and wet, the gloss was incredible - the car was difficult to miss. 


Lavender 200ml comes in a timber box with a brass plaque, which will have your name, your blend number, and the wax name engraved onto it. If you would prefer to have something other than your name engraved please send an email or speak to John and he can assist with this. 01877 365 033

Don't forget the beading ! 

You can also choose from a wide range of kits such as Stelvio, Touring, QD & SPA Package. Certain kits even arrive with an engraved brass plaque with your blend number and your name.

If you have any questions regarding this blend please 'phone 01877 365 033 or email

Customer Reviews

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Great luxurious wax

Perfectly poured, silky smooth to apply, buffs away easily and leaves a lovely wet finish. This wax impressed me and feels a quality product

I will buy again.

I am satisfied with the product I purchased and thank you for your wonderful service.





Lovely experience

Time will only tell how well it performs but it was a lovely experience applying and removing, it was great to have a pleasant smell for my sniffer the entire time i was waxing, and this wax really brought out the metal flake in my black truck. Looked like it was dripping wet when done. When you buy a M&K wax not only are you buying a great wax but you are also getting exceptional customer service as well! Answers questions fast.

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