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Our first ever car wax made for a 250 GT
  • Blended for a Ferrari 250 GT
  • Safe on Modern and Classic Paint
  • Longevity of 3/4 Months
  • Gloss and Longevity
  • Easy on/off at low temperatures
  • Luxury Cosmetic Grade Ingredients
  • Layerable
  • 175ml
  • c45 applications per jar
  • Refills available at 50% of the RRP (175ml only)

Rannoch is utilised by Professionals around the world and was originally blended for a Ferrari 250GT : pictured below. Cared for by Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet.

Now is your chance to use the same car wax as some of the most acclaimed detailers around the world. Rannoch whisks you into a world of extravagance and exclusivity. Each blend is delivered with its unique identity code, this enables you to order refills at a 50% discount. You will become part of a very exclusive club whose enthusiasm for great car care is unrivaled.   

If you want a glossy car wax that has great protection, Rannoch will fulfill this need. Referring to the image above you can see the light is softened when it strikes the car and it is gently dispersed across the original paintwork, providing a stunning true reflection of the colour with fabulous rich gloss. 

During the development process we employed a Photonics expert to ensure we were maximising the use of natural light to compliment the Ferrari's original paintwork.

Handcrafted and individually poured, Mitchell and King is at the forefront of luxury car care due to our vast knowledge and careful application. Rannoch enhances paintwork and boasts a simple application and removal process.

T1 Brazilian carnauba wax is the most flaw free, most optically clear and is a 100% natural wax. To blend a quality car wax you must choose ingredients that posses qualities that promote the natural existing properties in carnauba wax and maximise them further. This results in increased depth and wetness, not to mention a better life-span.

In addition to carnauba wax we also included a long list of natural, exotic and extravagant ingredients many of them unique to Rannoch. 

This wax will offer tough protection from air-borne pollutants, insects and general road grime.

Rannoch is equally at home on dark as it is light coloured cars, enhancing brilliant depth and offering rich gloss. Rannoch is safe on both classic and modern paint. 


Customer Reviews

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Leaves You Paint Looking Beautiful

This wax is a joy own. Very simple to use and easy to work with. A few spritz of QD to aid in getting a nice even coverage and this will leave your paint looking beautiful

After many emails I decided on Rannoch

Yesterday I received a package that I was anticipating, it was the Rannoch by mitchell and king.

Couple of months ago I had a chat with John about their car shampoo SPA, among other things I had asked if he could personalize the label to my requirements the answer was "of course" and one week later I had my SPA scented "PASSION FRUIT" and John had included their car fragrance, MIST as a gift to me. Both SPA and MIST smell awesome I'm considering MIST as a perfume

Not so long ago I was in the quest for a high-end wax so I sent John email asking him what would fit better on my red colored c1. After many emails and 3 competitors I decided that Rannoch was the one so I gave John the ok to start blending my Rannoch since it's blended upon request.

When you decide to go for something bespoke then presentation and cs are very important, at least to me and M&K excels in both. John offered me an upgrade to his new at the time aluminium jar and the luxury box, he really knows how to treat a costumer and I appreciate it a lot


A beautiful wax soft and easy to handle and apply. It spreads with the greatest ease and the buffing is super easy. I found the beading beautyfull. The gloss was sublime and itmakes metallic paint realy pop . On solid colours it deepens the colour. It lasted months on thecars iused it on.


Dear John, I would like to keep you updated that my Rannoch arrived safely to Canada. The wax itself smells very nice and the Faberge egg becomes part of my luxury collection now.

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to buy more items next year.

Take care


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