Super Clarity, Reflections & Protection

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Car Wax Blended For An Audi

  • High Clarity, Great For Metallic Paint
  • 15 released per year
  • Blend of natural oils and waxes
  • Brand New Label Design 
  • New front label with your wax number and name
  • Layerable
  • Easy on/off
  • 4/5 Months Longevity 
  • circa 45 coats from a 200ml jar
  • Cool new matte grey jar 
  • Luxurious Tropical Fragrance

Quattro started off life as a request for the owner of an Audi R8 "the everyday supercar." He was keen to learn about the proper care of his car and after some research opted for a marque wax. 

We discussed the options and decided that with the metallic paint, clarity was a great option as was reflections and protection. 

From an aesthetic perspective Audi has fantastic paint choices, many of which are metallic based. 

One of the areas which would require special attention is the ventilation around the engine, the vents dissipate the heat from the engine compartment and in turn can heat the surrounding area. We required a natural ingredient which could withstand higher temperatures, this also helped to boost the longevity. 

It may sound obvious, but we take car care seriously and we only offer you the finest creations – all wax is individually blended in house. At this point it is important to mention that all of our ingredients are fair trade, organic and natural – where possible. 

Along with your enclosure you will receive a personalised welcome letter from John, with my personal telephone number should you wish to discuss any application or removal techniques. Your wax also features your name and number on the jar!

If you require one of our Approved Ambassadors to apply the wax for you, please telephone 01877 365 055 and we can arrange to have your car prepared. 

Thank You, any further enquiries please email enquiries@mitchellandking.co.uk of telephone +44 1877 365 005

The Summary

Quattro offers you Super Clarity, Reflections & Protection. It is easy to apply and every wax arrives with a number on the label as well as your name. 

Application & Tips 

Less is more...

Spritz microfibre pad with QD to ensure pad isn't dry, apply wax to 1/3 of the pad, do not saturate pad. 

Apply to whole car with microfibre applicator pad (you will receive One with your order) 

Leave to cure for at least 30 minutes 

Apply Two layers if possible to enhance effects

Boost longevity and gloss with Wax+ 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very good kit

Used this on my 10 year old Phantom black RS6 and my 1 year old Navarro blue S3 and amazed with the results. Better than any other wax I’ve ever used. The natural ingredients make such a difference and so easy to use


All is ok thank you very much

photo update

the sun came out a bit more so some more photos showing the flake presentation from the pearl paint ( going to be great after a machine polish and reapplication ) . Definitely a thumbs up.

Fabulous finish

Received a small sample of this with an order and had been waiting for a chance to try it, finally had the chance today .
Application s really easy , another great M&K wax which is a pleasure to use.
The wax left a lovely glass like finish and now the sun is starting to come out you can start to see how well it is highlighting the flake.
I will be ordering a full size version of this -well done , another ace wax


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