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High Wax Content, Super Gloss Heavy Duty Car Wax

  • Heavy Duty Car Wax (Longevity of 4-6 months)
  • 200ml gives up to 50 applications
  • Enriched with ingredients which improve longevity
  • Made in Scotland, We Average 265 Days Of Rain Per Year!
  • Heavenly Heather fragrance
  • Heather Scored 4/5 for Longevity
  • Hand Made In Small Volumes To Ensure The Highest Quality
  • Made In The United Kingdom
  • Complimentary Wax Applicator Kit (800gsm Microfibre, 50ml Pre Wax & Applicator Pad)

heavy duty winter car wax

Why should we suffer less than spectacular looks through Winter? A winter car wax doesn't have to function only, it can also provide the same joy and results as a way you would use in the warmer Seasons.

Heather is a wax every keen detailer should have in their car wax kit, it started life on a very well known car forum www.detailingworld.com where we asked members to name 2015's Winter Car Wax.

You can see the vote here ; http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=370047

Heather has a high wax content and is slightly harder, however, it is still a very easy wax to use. Giving you a high wax content wax ensures the maximum amount of protection is left on your car.

We introduced oils which harden over time to provide a protection which withstands harsh winters and daily driving duties. So you will find that the wax improves over 24/48 hours, something which is quite rare and adds to the uniqueness of this winter car wax.

Heather is ideally suited for someone who wishes a wax for their daily driver but doesn't want to lose the gloss and finish of a carnauba wax.

** all images provided by Sam6er of Detailing World. 

See his review here ; http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=388254


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Highly recommended

Very easy to apply, very natural feel, very deep shine - I’m impressed. Using this type of product makes you realise how much rubbish goes into cheaper products. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and the Heather Wax is my new go to choice for a hard wearing wax to see me through the Winter conditions

My Review

Fantastic product

Great Gloss

Used Heather Wax today for the first time and it was really really good. Great gloss and very easy to apply. I am now ready for winter is coming!

Heather wax review

Last week I was able to use the Heather I ordered after doing a correction on a black F150 Ford Lightning truck . The wax went on easy with a hand only application , after letting it cure for 7-10 minutes , removal was very easy with no ghosting or hazing that can sometimes happen with high end waxes and the solvents used to keep them pliable . I am 100% sold on this product as well as the sample of “Show car wax” I was sent . Easy use and a pleasant smell while working . Pot is a nice milky crystal or glass which is also good !!

Heather Superb.

Started using heather a while ago. Always used the standard waxes available and when I first used heather I was blown away. Lovely jar lovely smell and a breeze to layer thinly onto the paint. Removing is a doddle and leaves a superb silky smooth finish. Durability and water behaviour are also superb.
It's a must have wax.


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