Gold Rush Rally Car Wax

It's Back, Not For Long

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 The Most Luxurious Car Wax? 

  • 50ml 
  • Infused with Gold
  • Great Sheeting and Gloss
  • Infused Gold Is Visible When Applying!
  • Failproof Application- impossible to over apply
  • One Off Brand New Label Design

  • Pushing The Boundary's

    We started this wax as our most extreme blend to date, something which has never been done before, infusing a wax with Gold. Gaining instantly popularity and selling out within the first month of release. 

    The Story, What Happened?

    GoldRush Rally is the epitome for car enthusiasts. Featuring a variety of vehicles, some of the rarest to grace our roads! We decided to make a wax to mark this occasion! What followed after was celebrity wax status with features from The Financial Times, Yahoo, AOL to name but a few! So our idea of making just one wasn't going to work so we went back to the drawing board and decided to release 10, and that was 5 years ago...


    What's The Story Now? 

    We've decided to release another small handful of pours due to the demand and many requests we have received, each wax will come with your name on the jar and the number of your wax. My only advice is: if you want this wax in any realm, now is the time. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Shining golden fun wax! Have a fun weekend with a little different wax.

    Great wax.

    It looks like new!!! WAX with gold( REAL GOLD) fore a beautiful car.!!!

    You must try!!! Photo with car on M&K Facebook!!!!


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