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Super Glossy Winter Car Wax

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"It's in a different league" - Phil Taplin

Our shiniest winter wax yet!


Get winter protection with show car looks! 

Utilising incredible ingredients, you will have one of our most sophisticated blends, limited to 20 pours.

An introductory discount of 25% - please use code "intro" 

  • Our Most Extreme Winter Wax Yet!
  • Give Your Car Immense Gloss & Protection
  • Perfet For Winter Months & Daily Drivers
  • Suitable For Light & Dark Coloured Paint
  • Three luxurious fragrances and colours
  • 200ml and 50ml Sizes
  • Super Longevity, with Great Sheeting
  • Exceptionally Easy Application- Even In Low Temperatures
  • Failproof Application- impossible to over apply
  • Scientifically Layerable!
  • Brilliant Curing
  • Brand New Label Design
  • 100% Natural Oils & Waxes, No Abrasives or Harsh Chemicals
  • c45 Applications from 200ml Jar 
  • Durability of 4-5 Months
  • LTD Edition of 20 each 

  • Pushing The Boundary's

    Boreas is the Greek God of Winter. With a reputation like that, the wax had to live up to its worldly challenge. Boreas uses a blend of ingredients only available in this wax, with over 117 oils and 10+ waxes to choose from we really pushed the limits of gloss and longevity with natural ingredients. 

     Low-Temperature Wax, Extreme Testing

    Boreas has months of development in our Scottish climate to ensure perfect application in low temperatures but with a staggeringly good high performance. The wax was tested in an outdoor (uncontrolled) environment to push the wax to the absolute ends of its ability. 

    Our test ground leads to the notorious Atlantic Ocean, Boreas had to fight the salt water, exceptionally high winds and a chill factor of sub-zero temperatures, not to mention very high humidity- conditions that would break the toughest of waxes. 

    High Gloss & Great Sheeting

    The thought of winter waxes can be very utilitarian and for an enthusiast like us, they don't spark a lot of passion. Enter Boreas! A wax which has been blended with a clear, laser-focused vision of exciting boundary-pushing car wax. Preparing your car for winter is now infused with the same soul and passion as a show car wax but the protection akin to a winter wax.


    Longevity is very important when it comes to this type of specialist area, we have ensured that your wax will combat the woes of Winter and just like Boreas himself, will become triumphant and victorious even in the harshest environments with a duration of 4-5 months. 

    New Protection Glove

    Your 200ml wax will be presented in an M&K silk glove, protect your creation from general wear and tear by displaying it in a handmade silk pouch. A cut above the rest.

    Application & Tips 
    Less is more...

    Spritz microfibre pad with QD to ensure pad isn't dry, apply wax to 1/3 of the pad, do not saturate pad. 

    Apply to whole car with microfibre applicator pad (you will receive One with your order) 

    Leave to cure for at least 30 minutes 

    Apply Two layers if possible to enhance effects

    Boost longevity and gloss with Wax+ 

    QD Link :

    Wax+ Link :

    SPA Link :


    Please email or telephone 01877 365 005 and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 

    Three Complimentary Liquids

    We are pleased to announce our ITB program. With the purchase of a 200ml Boreas, you will receive Three, 250ml complimentary liquids when purchasing at full price. Please check ITB to see what you are entitled to when purchasing with a discount code. Please send an email to with your liquid choice. 



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Fantastic winter wx with gloss and protection

    I used pure a pre wax cleaner, then used boreas. I let it cure for 20min, it was such a breeze to remove during 8c temp in feb. Hour later gave another coat, application nice and the removal. It has rained past few weeks and it beads well and gloss is still holding up well after 4 weeks. Fantastic winter wax with a superb gloss!


    Best wax for winter!


    Boreas, mythological king of the north winds showed up to help me over winter. Once unpacked, he went on my front fenders with his oily friends in low light and gave off a healthy scent. This friendly wax purposed for the cold is my first M&K product. Luckily or unluckily I have bought additional M&K waxes and do like the results I'm getting from them. Help :)

    Its in a different league!

    Wow, this wax is very different to those I have used before. I've normally had to compromise on gloss for durability but after applying 2 coats of Boreas my paintwork is shining like its been treated with a show wax and the gloss hasn't reduced after several weeks, the rain continues to bead off and I'm confident the paintwork is protected.


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