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Bespoke Car Wax

Mitchell and King Car Wax

Searching For A Bespoke Car Wax Made To Your Exact Specifications ? Welcome to Bespoke...

Mitchell and King blend bespoke car wax for some of the most notable and enthusiastic car owners around the world.

We understand how important your car is to you and have re-introduced our bespoke service specifically for our online clients. With more options, enclosures and recipes than ever before you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

To start the service, simply select the Enclosure you wish your wax to arrive in. We have the following options;

Aluminium Noir, which is our 200ml Aluminium Machined Black jar

Aluminium Platinum which is our 200ml Aluminium Machined silver jar.

Crystal 200ml Jar is a 200ml Lead Crystal Jar

Aluminium Noir Luxury Oak, which is our 200ml Aluminium Machined Black jar Luxury Oak Enclosure

Aluminium Platinum Luxury Oak, which is our 200ml Aluminium Machined silver jar within our Luxury Oak Enclosure


If you require any clarity on this stage you can contact us directly 01877 365 005 or email

Next you get to choose whether you would like a Sultan Kit with your wax, this is the full range of liquids we offer, neatly organised within an aviation grade case.

After this you can name your wax, the name of your wax appears on the custom engraved brass plaque which is featured on the aviation enclosure.

The next step is to include some information, we have included some critical questions which will help us to blend the ideal wax for you. You can choose to answer the questions or simply proceed to the checkout.

All of these questions allow us to build a design brief for your specific wax, for instance if you have a red car which is a non metallic we would look to include high gloss ingredients and ensure that there was an increased UV protection, especially if the Red is a single stage paint system.

If the car has metallic paint we would look to use ingredients which magnify the metallic and offer a truly transparent finish, one which would compliment the flake rather than mute the flake.

Depending on the frequency which you can wax the car and where it is stored allows us to get an insight as to the level of protection that is required. If you wax your car once a week longevity won't be high on the list - unless you are doing high miles or live close to an airport/railway line.

At this point you tell us some of the characteristics you would like the wax to have, do you want a wax which can be applied and removed very quickly or do you want the wax to be the most glossy it can be at over any other quality.

Finally, we need to know if you have any allergies, no matter how small you may think they are or possibly trivial it may seem this is very important. If you have a general nut allergy then we can utilise other ingredients, if you have an allergy to citrus fruits then we can devise another plan of action. Be sure to include any concerns you have and we can discuss them before commencing the blend.

Lastly, select your Quantity and press Add To Cart.

After you have checked out on our one column order page, the request is delivered.

Shortly after, John will be in touch after reading your answers and requests, at this point he would clarify the options and confirm this within an email.

After this we commence your bespoke wax and keep you informed of its progress before delivered to your door by UPS. Complete with applicator pad, and 250ml bottles of SPA and QD to get started straight away.

At anytime you can, email or phone 01877 365 005 for any assistance or to place your order over the phone.



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