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Luxurious Deep, Wet Gloss

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Amalfi, Blended For A Luxurious Deep, Wet Gloss 

Amalfi is a wax which can offer your superb rich, dark gloss. This is a very unique proposal as many waxes offer a wet gloss due to their blend, however, we have obtained natural ingredients which can actually change the level of gloss and give you something completely unique. It also looks better as time passes, within the next 24 hours after application you will actually see a darkening and increase in gloss. 

It made a substantial impact

The first time I applied Amalfi, it was a prototype and although I know roughly what to expect from a prototype and the type of look which will result from the ingredients I have blended, Amalfi really made a huge impression on me and I put it aside to continue solitary testing. Once a wax reaches this point it is a strong contender to become part of our core range.

The Amalfi Name 

As I was continuing to test the wax, I kept thinking of the beautiful Amalfi coast due to the luxurious experience and the natural fragrances. As you know Fragrances are very powerful and they can transport you to all sorts of previous experiences and holidays. Due to this I could think of no other better name than "Amalfi" as really completes the package and explains it better than any description. 

Easy To Apply In Warmer Weather

Amalfi is very easy to apply with a microfibre applicator pad, the pad ensures you achieve a perfectly uniform application. I would recommend 3 layers, either within a few hours of each other or fr maximum benefit 1 layer every 48 hours, repeated 3 times. Of course, you can apply one layer but the more layers you can build the deeper the finish and the more perfect the finish will become. 

ford focus rs car wax amalfi super car wax

Perfect Colour and Jar

The wax is a perfectly formed blue hue, similar to the shimmer of the coastal water and the wax is presented in a Dark Royal Blue jar, which looks fantastic against the black and white labeling. We like to keep our colours simple to promote an elegant and refined look. 


As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, we will use the UPS delivery network. If you have any specific questions please email and we will assist you. 


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How To Order ; 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

All are good waxes. Amalfi is also amazing!



Amalfi wax

Amalfi is a fantastic wax, my car look lovely. It the best car wax I have use. It also easy to work with.


Really nice to use and looks great

Lasts over 2 months in harsh winter

"Very nice wax. Easy to apply. Easy to buff. Gives a nice shine and perfect beading and sheeting .
Lasted 2 months on my car in a dutch winter "


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