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Concours Car Wax

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Over Fourty Five Time Winner. Blended Specifically For Concours d'Elegance Events. Securing Titles At The Highest Level.

Only 35 Produced Per Year. Individually Numbered and Display Plaque.

Elegance is our Concours car wax, originally blended for a limited edition Ferrari, and is now used by many concours participants with great success.

One of the most notable concours car waxes available, concentrating solely on looks. Elegance wax is considered at the highest level within the event circle and has proved itself in recent times, collecting over 45 Concours trophies.

Those involved know that cleanliness of the vehicle is only one part of a Concours event. Depending on the level which your vehicle is being displayed, there is an array of other factors which influence the Judge's such as; original parts, original interior colour and even the smallest detail such as door jamb labeling.

Our recent success within the concours arena has solidified Elegance as one of the most in demand products we produce.

Elegance is solely blended to increase the levels of gloss. It took a long period of time to develop Elegance and we trialed may ingredients, only a handful of  which have proved themselves worthy of inclusion.

Your new Concours wax application method is very simple, we did not containment Elegance with synthetics or non pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Elegance is safe on the most vintage of paintwork. 

There is little more rewarding for a Car Connoisseur than a dirty Land Rover or a super gloss finish on a classic Rosso Ferrari. We understand your needs as they are the same as ours.

Elegance is highly concentrated, a small amount is ample to provide you with the required aesthetics, Elegance will cure within 3 minutes even at low temperatures and it will leave a gloss like finish which the crowd and judges alike revel in.

If you wish to discuss this further please telephone 01877 365 005 and we shall begin your blend.

The standard colour for Elegance is a warm white, the standard scent is melon.

Elegance has now featured on 5 winners within various tiers of Concours d'Elegance events.


  • 54% Carnauba Wax by Volume.

  • Blended with luxurious, natural oils such as, Coconut Oil and Melon Oil

  • Show stopping wet-look finish

  • Paint friendly, cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade oils

  • Featured on 5 Concours winners

  • Easy On/Off

  • Bespoke Engraving on Plaque

  • Highly Concentrated

  • Deep, rich and wet

  • Displayed within a milled aluminium jar

Collections: Car Wax, Luxury Car Wax

Type: car wax

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