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Hardy Daily Driver

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High Wax Content, Super Gloss Heavy Duty Car Wax

  • Heavy Duty Car Wax (Longevity of 4-6 months)
  • 200ml gives up to 50 applications
  • Enriched with ingredients which improve longevity
  • Made in Scotland, We Average 265 Days Of Rain Per Year!
  • Heavenly Heather fragrance
  • Heather Scored 4/5 for Longevity
  • Hand Made In Small Volumes To Ensure The Highest Quality
  • Made In The United Kingdom
  • Complimentary Wax Applicator Kit (800gsm Microfibre, 50ml Pre Wax & Applicator Pad)

heavy duty winter car wax

Why should we suffer less than spectacular looks through Winter? A winter car wax doesn't have to function only, it can also provide the same joy and results as a way you would use in the warmer Seasons.

Heather is a wax every keen detailer should have in their car wax kit, it started life on a very well known car forum www.detailingworld.com where we asked members to name 2015's Winter Car Wax.

You can see the vote here ; http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=370047

Heather has a high wax content and is slightly harder, however, it is still a very easy wax to use. Giving you a high wax content wax ensures the maximum amount of protection is left on your car.

We introduced oils which harden over time to provide a protection which withstands harsh winters and daily driving duties. So you will find that the wax improves over 24/48 hours, something which is quite rare and adds to the uniqueness of this winter car wax.

Heather is ideally suited for someone who wishes a wax for their daily driver but doesn't want to lose the gloss and finish of a carnauba wax.

** all images provided by Sam6er of Detailing World. 

See his review here ; http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=388254


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My Review

Fantastic product

Great Gloss

Used Heather Wax today for the first time and it was really really good. Great gloss and very easy to apply. I am now ready for winter is coming!

Heather wax review

Last week I was able to use the Heather I ordered after doing a correction on a black F150 Ford Lightning truck . The wax went on easy with a hand only application , after letting it cure for 7-10 minutes , removal was very easy with no ghosting or hazing that can sometimes happen with high end waxes and the solvents used to keep them pliable . I am 100% sold on this product as well as the sample of “Show car wax” I was sent . Easy use and a pleasant smell while working . Pot is a nice milky crystal or glass which is also good !!

Heather Superb.

Started using heather a while ago. Always used the standard waxes available and when I first used heather I was blown away. Lovely jar lovely smell and a breeze to layer thinly onto the paint. Removing is a doddle and leaves a superb silky smooth finish. Durability and water behaviour are also superb.
It's a must have wax.

Great winterwax

A really nice wax to use. It lasted the winter (about 4 months) and gave the car such a glossy finish. This kept my car protected for the whole winter with ease. For such a hard wearing wax this didn't mute flake pop of the metallic paint at all.


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