The answer to common quandries.

Q. Which wax is best for my car

A. Due to a level of choice through our luxury creations, this will depend on the look you wish to achieve and the budget set-aside for said vehicle.We reccommend starting with a car wax specific for your car found HERE. If you wish something more exclusive, then a higher content of carnauba and an individually numbered car wax is the option for the true connoisseur, these waxes can be be located HERE.

Q. What differentiates your luxury wax to the premium brands ?

A. Here at Mitchell and King one of our main focuses is on peerless quality. Our recipes are bespoke to Mitchell and King and we delve deep into various avenues to find rare, exotic and fine quality ingredients. A prime example is a wax which is currently being developed is Alchemy which contains one of the most rare oils in the world, we chose this oil due to its almost legendery properties. In addition, due to the harvesting of said oil this has increased the social status and quality of life of said harvesters. Much like artisans of days gone, we blend very small volumes to ensure precise quality control and shy away from more modern large production facilities. The additional benefit of boutique blending is exclusivity. Our signature waxes, which you can find hereare mainly limited editions or limited release*, immediately reducing the access to our creations and increasing the rarity.

Another key area of our company is service, you will only ever converse with our head artisan John - also the founder and director of Mitchell and King. John is quick to offer his experience which can facilitate the guidance through the maze of complicated choices with extreme ease. John will explain complex offerings in a mannerly and personable direction mainly down to his firm understanding of fine ingredients and continual development of discovery.

Finally, the fragrances that you choose for your luxury wax are blended by one of the foremost perfumers within the U.K. Our fragrances contain the finest natural oils and we are very well known for providing some of the most fantastic luxurious scented creations.

Should you wish to discuss your need further please email john@mitchellandking.co.uk or telephone +44 141 563 5071

*per year

Q. Can I specify an exclusive blend ?

A. Yes, we have a current offering of bespoke blending which you can find HERE, if you would prefer to discuss something more limited then please do contact john@mitchellandking.co.uk or telephone +44 141 563 5071