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Review, Car Wax. Honda Civic Type R Car Wax | Japan

Review, Car Wax. Honda Civic Type R Car Wax | Japan

May 24, 2017

Today I finnaly got the car spotless and ready for a layer of Japan. Been waiting to use it since it arrived but needed enough time to clean, clay bar and so on.

After my normal cleaning process and decontamination. I gave it a once over with megs 205 and an IPA wipe down ready for the Wax.

The wax itself smells stunning and is so easy to apply. Looks like I've hardly used any out of the jar as it spreads so easy. I covered the whole car and left it to cure for 20-30 minutes.

Removal was the exact same, the cloth just glided over the paint and left a stunning gloss finish. Being silver it's hard to get a really deep finish but the Polish and wax combo has certainly helped.

Here's the results

Thank you Mitchell and King