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The ultimate blog about our wonderful car wax
For the car lover an essential staple item to always keep in stock within the home garage is that of car wax. However with today providing so much choice for the consumer it may well seem that the world of car wax has become particularly confusing. So here we take a look at a few top tips for both choosing the right car wax for your vehicle, and what specialist wax can be found upon the market of today.

Car wax: A product with many more uses than just buffing and polishing a shiny finish
Car wax uses go far beyond merely providing a super slick finish and amongst the Mitchell and King range you’ll find waxes that are specifically designed for beading, general protection and UV protection.

Car wax that is specifically designed for beading can produce the deepest of results and the most polished of overall looks for the your most prized possession. Our winter beading wax is built for the more testing of months where temperatures dip and weathers can take a turn for the worst.

The majority of car waxes will provide for at least some improved surface protection, however waxes produced with both gloss and protection in mind unequivocally offer the best of both worlds, all whilst lasting for longer periods.

UV Properties
UV waxes can be incredibly important for cars that are in frequent use over the warmer months, particularly where owners wish to maintain and protect expensive or antiqued paint finishes.

Finishes that range from super shiny right through to marvellously metallic
The world of wax is today far removed from the simplistic industry of an almost singular product of old. Today the best of suppliers will cover every form of finish, including:
Long lasting

And, as well as the specialist finishes listed above, there are also waxes that focus in on certain vehicle types such as black cars and show car wax for a super shiny finish, which just happens to be our next car wax topic of conversation...

Wax on, wax off for different colours
Every car colour has different demands from the wax that is applied to achieve the best results. For example, white car wax must be blended in a way that produces a deep, wet gloss finish (an issue that has been notoriously difficult to achieve in years past for the average white car); in comparison black wax is tasked with being particularly hard wearing (as slight marks, or defects within the paintwork of such cars can be particularly noticeable).

Luxury car wax
At Mitchell and King we choose products for the most discerning of customers and the most iconic of cars in the entire world. And for our clients who have particularly exacting standards we provide luxury car wax that really is the most exclusive in the world.
Take our Serpine car wax for example: there are only three of these waxes blended each year, featuring a robustly protected secret mix of some of the world’s finest ingredients.

At Mitchell and King we’re proud of our industry leading wax collections, which have been built upon years of knowledge and only the highest of sourcing standards. Check out our wax range for yourself for products that are each as easy to apply, and as protective as the last (whilst also benefiting from Free shipping for orders over £29, £79 and £210 for UK, Europe and Worldwide orders respectively).