Gold Car Wax for goldRush Rally

March 20, 2015


Mitchell & King

"The official goldRush Rally wax."

Mitchell and King have offered their blending expertise and have blended the most exclusive car wax to date. The wax boasts a gold shimmer, this wax is ideal for those who wish to obtain a metallic car wax without leaving the flake behind.

The goldRush Rally wax contains a golden shimmer and when applied to the car leaves less flake than Glitz. This wax will protect your car for upto 4 months and shall offer a highly unique interaction when applying.

There is one limited edition wax which is presented in a 24ct Gold Plated enclosure. Please enquire should you wish to lodge your interest. We determine a retail cost of c£65,000 inclusive of world-wide delivery by the owner, John R P Johnstone. This item is exceptionally exclusive and we reserve the right to refuse purchase.

Mitchell and King are responsible for hand-crafting the most exclusive car waxes for companies such as Singer Vehicles, Porsche SA, McLaren SA, Rolls Royce SA, Aston Martin SA, Arash Supercars, Venturi, Lamborghini London and of course  the connoisseur.