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Update from a 1 star Review

I’m writing this review as I can not update my previous review. I had bought this kit as a gift for my son in law and was disappointed when it arrived to find it arrived without the case. I sent a mail to M&K and received a reply from John and as is usual (in my experience) within a two days the case arrived. Thank you John. Always great service.

Tom Brady
I would like the chance to use this product but ..

I ordered this order and it was dispatched promptly, however a mix up in paperwork between the postal services on both sides of the Irish Sea, caused it to be returned to sender. Hopefully a resolution can be found and I will get a chance to review.


Nice paint cleanser

Sealant Kit
andrew clark

Unfortunately on this occasion I had to wait over 2 weeks for delivery and received no reply to 2 emails that were send enquiring about the delay. Must say I was most surprised at this as usually M&K are very efficient
Very disappointed in this order.

Hi Andrew, apologies - we were changing our Systems at the beginning of June and I was aware of some shortcomings of not receiving some emails. However, upon checking our system the order was dispatched within 7 working days and not the 14+ days you have stated. We always welcome you back with open arms and hopefully you enjoy the products.

stephen tierney
Pure and titan

Amazing products both complement each other really easy to use a little goes a long way bought titan then pure can't fault them delivery was fast as well cant wait to try more of there products can definitely recommend 100%.


So easy to use. Would recommend to keep wheels gleaming. Leaves a lovely, shiny finish.

Matt Kirkham
Amazing product

Nourish is a very good product. Makes leather look like it's new, without the horrible greasy look

Jaideep Kansal
2 products worked great, 3rd stained trim badly

I thought I'd give this grouping of products a try as I wanted to try the foam soaps. They worked well enough through a sprayer (I don't have access to a pressure washer with a lance attachment) but they loosened up the dirt before the 2 bucket Spa soap wash. My apt complex does have a car wash bay with a pressure washer to wash and rinse vehicles though. After washing the car, I sprayed Rinse on it without knowing it needed to be diluted (big mistake on my part). I immediately rinsed the car off but the damage was done. All the black trim (window trim, wiper cowl, windshield trim and front grille) all had horrible staining almost like water spots and they won't come off no matter what I try (Pure, Water Spot Remover etc). I'm about to take the car to a professional detail shop to see if they can do anything to get them removed. If not, I'm going to have to re-dye all the trim to get rid of them. I only gave this product 3 stars because while the foam soaps are pretty good, I wouldn't recommend Rinse at all because of how badly it can damage trim.

Hi Jiadeep, thanks for the email - as we have discussed on our email this was due to user error and not the product. It is always important when using Alkaline products to follow the correct dilution ratio and not work in direct sun.

Five Liquid Kit
Julia Rutherford
Waiting to use

Hoping to get car washed tomorrow,the weather has been rather wet. Will probably try titan on part of car and wax+ on another part. Products look amazing and excellent quality. Keeping fingers crossed for a bit of a dry spell.

Steven Smith

A very easy to use sealant, a great product to use before a wax covering.

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Ray Milsted
Really nice wax

Lovely wax easy to apply silky on easy to see down across and up
Allow to haze easy to remove
Applied glaze to get hard finish
Lovely wam colour on Silver car
Very impressed little uncertain but the shave stick application Austen works well with this blend of wax with white application wool pad
Consistency really good five star product

A really highly carnauba wax content

So... AMELIORATE. Highly carnauba wax content? Hell yeah!!! Glossy? Absolutely .Clarity? Of course.Depth? Hmmm....not so much. But here is the thing...Follow Mitchell & King's Moto ..Less is more.Why? Cause if you apply plenty of product it's a mess to remove it (leaves a lot of residue). So the appropriate way (for me) is to apply a very very little amount of the product, let it cure as much as you can (at least a few hours) and use a good microfiber towel [or two :-)] for the rest. Ameliorate it's a very unique wax and needs patience to see the best results you can. See the video and judge for yourself.

Waited far too long...

Bought this wax about a year ago and only tested it out some. I finally did the whole vehicle and it looks great! It's hard to pick favorites among the luxury options at M&K... each have their own distinct but amazing finish!


First saw reviews of M&K on a chat forum. I’m an enthusiast not a professional, over the last few months I’ve been impressed with my experience. This is where the bubble has burst. I bought the Knightsbridge kit as a present for my son-in-law. So was disappointed when my order turned up. I had put in 3 separate orders which all arrived in one box. I order the Knightsbridge because I thought the additional aviation case would make it a bit special. So disappointed to open the box and find the 2 waxes in a cardboard box and the liquids a plastic bag. There was the usual handwritten note thanking me for the order. But no case, why else would you buy one of these kits. The case justifies the purchase. I have emailed M&k but no reply. So very disappointed and frustrated. Probably my fault for over expecting. On the plus side it was the usual speedy delivery.

Hi Nick, very surprised to see this email as we have already spoken with you and sent the missing case with full apologies.

Twin air freshener kit

Air fresheners are always going to be a personal choice thing. M&K offer a large range to choose from. I went for the New car and Oud. New car does invoke the new car memories I have of being in people’s new cars . The old one I’m not sure on. Each comes in 100ml bottles, I followed the advice given on the M&K site, spray the liquid on a piece of card and place under the front seat.
Neither scent was overly strong, some others hit you quite badly at first, neither did that. By putting the scent on a piece of card meant the scent was blown around the car. There are fan outlets under the front seats of my car. In terms of longevity, driving daily the scent last all week before it started to fade. So with a couple of sprays for both card a week these should last a fair time . If you were using it a a finishing product before a customer picked up their car, then I would say it would be a nice touch for them. All in all as an air freshener I would recommend them for their longevity. Obviously you need to pick the scent you. But then the range is wide there should be something for most tastes

John Lewis

Nice product. Easy on, easy off and the gloss, crazy.

Diamond Seal
Dennis Claypoole

I only received 1 bottle of wax , why?????

Hi Dennis, the other bottle is on its way due to being out of stock.

Steven Smith
Azure v2

A lovely very concentrated wax, a little goes a very long way. Needs time (30mins) to cure.
Great product.


Applied this on the weekend used the car today Monday 1st July, solid rain all day, the result ~ magic, water literally blew off the window screen love M&K products
Thank you

stephen tierney

Fast delivery well packaged really easy product to use exelent results first of many more il be buying from yous thank you.

Gareth Dick
M&K pure

I have ordered m&k pure. I have read some really outsanding reviews of the product and decided to try for myself. Fast, speedy delivery, great price and cant wait to try it out.

Best air freshner ever

I ordered the Mango and lemon air fresheners and they smell incredible, my customers love them and keep asking where I got them from

chang won kang
Exceptional Luster and Cleanliness with the SPAv2

I've tried many car shampoos over the years, but this one truly stands out for its exceptional lubrication. The slickness it provides while washing is remarkable! As I ran my wash mitt over the surface, it glided effortlessly, reducing the risk of swirl marks and scratches.
The lubrication factor made the entire washing process a breeze. Dirt and grime seemed to just slide off the paint without any harsh scrubbing. Even stubborn bugs on the front bumper came off easily.
What impressed me most was how the lubrication lasted throughout the entire wash. From start to finish, the suds remained slick, making rinsing a snap.
After drying, I noticed my car had a gorgeous shine without any additional products. The paint felt smooth to the touch, likely due to the shampoo's lubricating properties.
If you're looking for a car shampoo that offers superior lubrication for a safe, effective, and enjoyable wash, look no further. This product has definitely earned a permanent spot in my detailing arsenal!


Great stuff, wheels are looking good again

Not used it yet but M&K don't make bad waxes