Become a Retailer

Offering Mitchell and King products to your valued customers shows you understand the importance of treating their beloved vehicles with the best bespoke luxury products available. An association with Mitchell and King maintains your reputation for high quality alongside proving you to have a deep knowledge of the products suited to classic and elite cars, we offer even more.

Mitchell and King displayed on your shelves adds class and elegance to any garage or store yet as we always aim to exceed expectations, we also offer retailers incredible rewards.

The Benefits of Offering Mitchell and King

Quite simply, when you choose to be a retailer or agent for Mitchell and King products you’ll benefit from:

  • Bespoke Car Waxes and Treatments

You can add your own twist to our world renowned products making them your own and taking the credit from your customers as the supplier that created the superior luxury wax.

  • Join an Exclusive Club

Receive membership to an elite club where you can network, meet and mingle with those who truly appreciate superior cars.

  • Receive Rewards

Receive commission for every item you sell along with excellent discounts on wholesale prices

  • Extra Exposure

You’ll become known as a supplier of Mitchell and King and so will receive the extra exposure that comes with the association with us

How to Earn

There are many ways to make a great return on Mitchell and King products; with all you receive unlimited support and any help you need to ensure the greatest sales.

We offer incentives for:


As a distributor you can earn commission from bonuses that result from referrals and sales direct from the company. You can also profit through buying wholesale and selling retail.


As a retailer you can benefit from the return on the products you buy at wholesale and sell through a variety of channels. From a store online to your own garage as an extra luxury service.


As an agent you need no investment capital as you only secure the products once you have a guaranteed order from a retailer, garage or boutique. All you have to do is show the products in action and the wax will sell itself.

If you’d like to join an elite group of retailers, distributors and agents who are already enjoying, get in touch now and see how you can become part of our eminent brand.


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