Who We Are

Mitchell and King circumnavigate levels of gloss, longevity of protection, project glass like qualities and warmth to enhance colour intensity. We also offer bespoke colouring and cosmetic fragrance all delivered within a elegant lead crystal, billet aluminium, milled titanium or onyx marble receptacle.

A further element in the success of Mitchell and King’s waxes is the creativity and passion of the man behind the products. His mission is to create waxes that optimise the majesty of the vehicles that they are applied to. These sought after waxes are skilfully blended with ingredients that enhance the aesthetics and benefit the bodywork of the car.

House waxes have been lovingly created with the finest of oils and many have a limited production run per year, increasing their exclusivity. Mitchell and King are also delighted to have blended the first approved luxury vegan car wax. Indeed many of the waxes are organic and consequently, and unusually in the motor industry, can be kind to hands.

Presentation is an important criterion at Mitchell and King.  Each luxury wax, which is wholly blended within The United Kingdom, is displayed within a marble, aluminium, titanium or crystal jar, nestled within a hand crafted timber enclosure and finally graced with a solid brass, engraved plaque. Individually tailored waxes have the option of upgrading the carrier vessel.

Mitchell and King is a small specialist company owned by John R. P. Johnstone B.Eng(HONS). Operating at a smaller size has allowed Mitchell and King to offer a personal service which they believe is unrivalled.  

Head quartered in The Trossachs, Scotland. Mitchell and King holds an exceptional name with the most selective of clientèle and continues to break boundaries.