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Marque Waxes with unique ingredients and limited numbers of 12 per year.

Marque wax is a collection of waxes which we have made for clients, each wax is unique and is made from ingredients which are particular to the wax. I.e. Bentley Boys does not contain any of the same oils as Modena.

Each Marque wax is made from a completely unique blend and each wax uses the finest Carnauba, which is T1.

We arrange different combinations that result in a wide variety of looks such as light gloss, dark gloss, clarity for metallic flake, accurate replication of colour (i.e not darkening or changing the hue).

Over our 8 plus year history we have learned how to engineer waxes to provide an exact finish and the range demonstrates this.

All 50ml marque waxes are now delivered in our luxury clear jar. 

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37 products