Become Approved

Mitchell and King is the leading luxury car care house. We continually strive to offer our clients unrivalled service and creations.

When you apply to become an Approved Detailer, you are beginning the process of joining the most exclusive car care establishment.

You become an Ambassador for our company and you will become a valuable member of Mitchell and King. Not only will you be further recognised as a superior detailer, you will be responsible as the Communication Ambassador for your given area.

Imagine being part of one of the most inspirational car care establishments in the world. If you have received this letter then you in the fortunate position that you have been chosen to represent the epitome of luxury car care; Mitchell and King.

There are many benefits to joining our elite club and we will state these below.

  • Represent your area with a guarantee of no competition from another M&K Ambassador.
  • Our products are available to approved professionals and private users only. Translating to, a detailer within your area cannot purchase our creations if they are not approved.
  • You can choose a wax on our web site and personalise to your establishments requirements. Such as colour, fragrance and receptacle.
  • You can also command a bespoke wax, a creation which isn’t on our web site or available through our agents, something bespoke to you.
  • Your establishment is listed on our “find a detailer” section of our web site. With full contact details to facilitate immediate contact.
  • Should a client be interested in our creations and require further discussion we shall include your details. As we always recommend professional application.
  • There is no membership fee.
  • We only require you to have at least one Sultan Kit on your premises or within your vehicle.
  • A full M&K detail option is recommended as our clients favour using only our creations.
  • Should we feature in local publications our detailers who are local to the area are included as many clients prefer a professional application.
  • If we sponsor an event, we strive to involve the local detailer.
  • All of the liquids feature your name or your establishments name on the label, as standard.
  • Our waxes can be refilled for 50% of the original investment cost.
  • When you become a club member, you receive our CEO’s direct line for any enquiries you may have.
  • After you have reserved your area, we automatically include you within the “Test Pilot” scheme. Which enables you to trial any new products prior to general release.
  • Finally, our waxes contain high percentages of waxes and they don’t gas. This allows you to work faster, with a better outcome.

If this is of interest please click here to register your interest.