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Not the best no way near as good as Maguires won't be buying again

very easy

nice view

Prototype 1: Slick and Shiny. My car now looks darker.

Firstly, I'd just like to say how quickly this arrived at my house, just 18 hours from ordering to delivery. A big thank you to Royal Mail. Today, I was using this wax on my little 3.5 year old Tornado Red Skoda Citigo and am a long way over the moon with its performance. After a gentle clay bar prep session, I applied the Pure with my little old but still works brilliantly DAS 850w dual-action polisher at speed 4, then followed up with your excellent All-in-One polish to act as a primer. I then gave the car a coat of Diamond Seal Carnauba Sealant followed by a coat of this Prototype 1 following your application instructions to the letter, giving it 5 minutes to haze. The buff-off of all 4 products was ever so quick and easy, and, just as importantly, the paint colour now somehow looks darker than it did before, yet it shines and glows all at the same time. I ran out of daylight at this point so will follow the same procedure on the alloys tomorrow. This product is absolutely phenomenal. Well done and thank you John.


Every product I get from M & K is fantastic
Brilliant brilliant brilliant

my order

Heavy duty glass cleaner, really good quality cleaner, combined with the glass polish leaves your windows crystal clear, well done M&K


Used the ocean to the amount recommended by John with Kensington cloths and found there was no slick and was about to give up on this method.I decided to redo with 3 litres of purified water and add 2 caps of Ocean and use mitts instead of my cloths.What a difference the mitts just glided across the car and the purified water stopped any water marks.



M&K Excellence

Ordered products from M&K and received a few days ago. Excellent service because they keep you informed every step of when your order will be delivered. Nice packaging along with free spa and caramel. I did not get a chance to use all the products, but they are top quality products with sturdy containers. I live in The USA and received the products very fast. Excellent customer service, website and pricing!!!

Great tool. Customers like the stripes

Wax & Polish Foam Pad

Brilliant for applying wax to your car much easier to apply a thin coat as I find microfibre pads increase the chances of over applying wax.

my order

Really good glass polish, easy to use, does what it says on the tin!!!.
I can now see where i am going!!

Fast curing wax

Just tried this wax and it does cure fast as described. Will be ideal for waxing my daily in colder weather. Great stuff.


Very nice product to use, good foam better than many competitors products.

Five Liquid Kit


Love this

Best product, to keep the effect of M&K carnauba wax.
Very easy to apply, on and off, and free from streak.

Another great product

I am never in any doubt regards the quality of your products and this shampoo is superb , leaves the car very shiney and smells lovely

Quick detailer

Easy on easy off and great result

Looks and Protection

I used Fortitude as my final layer of protection post a wash/clay/Pure/Bavaria sealant. The wax was nice and easy to work with, I stuck with recommended application method and had no issue, I was a little too quick to attempt buffing as the was hadn't quite cured but after a few more mins the wax buffed off with complete ease leaving a nice level of gloss and that all important durable protection in advance of the British weather. Really happy with this and I can certainly recommend it for those daily drivers.

Pre Autumnal Protection

In preparation for the autumnal weather I gave the car a careful clean with Spa, followed this with a clay and then worked the car with Pure in preparation for the cars protective layers. Bavaria was an absolute doddle to work with, easy to work on and remove and has given the car a great level of protection. To further add to this the car was sprayed with Seal and then finally given one layer of Fortitude wax. The car looks fantastic and cleans effortlessly during maintenance washing. I can highly recommend this fantastic product to look after your daily driver.

First Order

Smooth delivery and great product!
however、My request to change my order was ignored
Regrettable, sir.


great luster
I want to recommend

Very Easy Shine

Another easy to use M&K product. Used this right after one of the luxury wax options here to add some durability. Two weeks later the paint is still dripping wet. I did a little spot cleaning with a detail spray to clean up the tailgate and the wipe away was a smooth could be. This spray will probably be my winter choice to keep the snow and dirt to a minimum.

nice and slick

Finally was able to use this at work. I had used some Klasse All In One (Carlack equivalent if memory serves) to serve as the base while using my Griot's RO to clean the paint while laying down a light acrylic layer. Instead of spraying directly onto the paint, i had sprayed it on my mf applicator as it allowed me to apply a thin layer of sealant without using any excess. Had let it dry/cure on the paint for an hour before removal which was a breeze. Noticeable difference in slickness compared to Klasse but Klasse isnt too well known for that characteristic property. All in all, I'd recommend this product for ease of use and removal.

Easy to use

Another great product. Used it to add durability to my M&K waxes and it's very easy to use. Love the haze flash that makes it easy to buff off and gives sun reassurance that you've hit every spot on the car.