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All about Singer: The Company crafting Porches in unimaginable ways

As any Porsche fan will tell you, this is a brand that goes far beyond a mere appreciation for superior performance and super sleek looks. With each model it seems that Porsche nail the ‘certain something’, the Je Ne Sais Quoi of the motor world that is often difficult to put into words.

And it’s this feel and same appreciation that it seems that one company is taking to the next level in ever more personalised ways for some of the world's biggest Porsche fans and owners.


Introducing Singer: A company based upon pretty solid values

Singer was established back in 2009 with one goal: to explore the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of the classic automobile. As a business they say that they are completely dedicated to passionately studying, preserving and optimizing the performance of some of the world’s most respected cars and, of course, Porsche serve as a primary focus.

Singer have the rather apt slogan of Restored, Reimagined and Reborn, and it seems that this may well be one of the most succinct statements about a company's services that there may have ever been.

Singer: Customisations that they cover

Singer are customisation specialists, which means that it may be more suitable to ask what they wouldn’t customise, rather than what they can: from chassis and body customisations right through to suspension, brakes and wheels, Singer really do cover every form of customisation: from the very bottom of the wheel tread to the very top of the most beautiful of lacquered roofs.

You can check out Singer’s work and the customisations that they undertake over on their dedicated gallery page


A few quotes from notable motor enthusiasts

Singer are seriously well known within the motoring world and just taking a look at a few of their famous clients’ comments will tell you all you need to know about how serious this company is about high quality Porsche customisation.




Just terrific”

  • Jay leno

A love letter to the 911”

  • James May, Top Gear

When the time came to leave this heartbreakingly wonderful machine behind, I felt something akin to grief - a masterpiece”.

  • Dickie Meaden - EVO

The most alluring vehicle in the world”.

  • Michael Harley, Autoblog

The most roundly satisfying cat this writer has ever driven”.

  • Davey Johnson, Autoweek

The best of the best - beyond compare”.

  • Robb Report

Got a Porsche project that could benefit from Singer’s experienced touch?

If you’re looking for a Porsche customisation or overhaul then Singer are unequivocally the best in the business. They are however California based, so such projects really must warrant the shipping to and fro, and given their exclusive clients list and industry leading results you can expect equally as exclusive pricing levels.

You can send them a message via their website’s contact page, or contact their team directly on +1 (818) 504 7212 or