About Us

Welcome to Mitchell & King, we are a Car Wax and Detailing Products manufacturer based in Great Britain. 

We are a traditional company, family owned and focus on high quality, hand-made car wax. 

The ingredients we use make our waxes very unique and special, resulting in incredible results. 

A slim selection of our achievements include; being chosen to protect the most expensive car in the world, being utilised by owners are Pebble Beach, trusted by 10's of thousands of enthusiats and also being utilised by Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Maserati Edinburgh. 

We have designed waxes for cars such as one of the Casino Royale Aston Martin's, for car collectors such as Manny Koshbin for events such as GoldRush Rally and Pebble Beach. 

My pursuit of excellence started as a Child. AT age 12, I wrote a letter to Bentley, that I adored their cars and would love to own one...one day. Fast forward many months later and that Christmas I received a card signed by members of the Bentley factory. At that young age, I got a glimpse into exceptional customer service and it is still a car on my "bucket list." - So Bentley if you are reading this, I'd love to make some wax for you, to help speed the process up. 

My detailing journey started with my first car, a Citreon Saxo, this fuelled my passion and ignited the spark to create my own range of products. 

Mitchell & King sits with over 2500 reviews, the vast majority of which are 5 stars. You can reach us by telephone, email, online chat, social media and regular mail - I am always happy to hear from our customers, new or old.

We are here to support you on your next step and I'd love to assist you with your newest purchase, we are able to guide you on nearly every step of detailing, whether its a new car wax, or how to get those stripes on your carpet!

You can reach me here 01877 365 033, or simply use our other contact methods such as email, social media or our online chat. 

Thank you, 

John R. P. Johnstone B.Eng(HONS) 

Managing Director