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Best Carnauba Car Wax

Introducing the luxury carnauba car wax range. Mitchell and King are renowned for producing some of the finest quality car waxes to ever exist, such as Lily, Lavender, and Regal.

John (our Master Artisan) has blended his love of statistics and science creating the very finest carnauba waxes available.

Each car wax is made in our new factory. We spend time researching and blending to seek out the best-performing ingredients in order to make the best-performing Carnauba wax.

Mitchell and King started as a private company supplying luxury car showrooms and car collectors with individual blends, such as Rannoch and Philip. This then grew to a signature range and now to one of the most sought-after brands in the industry.

We’ve combined intensive research and carefully applied our knowledge of ingredients to ensure you get the ultimate end product. Whether it be a high gloss finish for a classic car or a durable protector for a four-wheel drive, you’ll find our car waxes perform exceptionally. 

Easy to apply, and hosting a variety of benefits that nourish, protect and extend the life of your paintwork, our excellent car waxes are a pleasure to use.

We ship worldwide, each car wax includes full tracking information so that you know exactly where your wax is at any given time. 

If you require any assistance please 'phone 01877 365 033 and speak with John or email

Whether you're a seasoned wax customer or new to these famous waxes, you'll find ample choices from our full range below.

Thank you, John

44 products

44 products