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    If you wish Arklet applied to your vehicle please contact Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet ;

    Call Richard on - 07860 33 68 25         Email -

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      400ml of bespoke car wax

      Each edition is individually tailored to your paint finish

      Provides a resilient coating

      Utilises exotic, natural oils and waxes to preserve your paintwork

      Contains the most expensive ingredients in any of our current waxes 25/04/2015




      We blend car wax which is specific to your requirements. This means the car wax which we blend for you is the best match to both your needs and most importantly the requirements of your paint. Your car wax will perfectly compliment your paintwork and further enhance its natural beauty.

      As you know each car wax we blend is hand-made and is individually poured, this means our full concentration is on your specific blend which allows us to offer you the finest quality control. Additionally, before your wax departs John will assess your wax and ensure that it is exactly what you require and what you have specified.

      Arklet is a scientific breakthrough in car wax. A blend of oils and waxes which offer a refractive index which is higher than clear coat translating to a delightful surface finish. Utilising the finest pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade ingredients ensure that we are offering you the very best formula for your car.

      When you commence the purchase of Arklet, you will possess the ultimate control when choosing your fragrance and colour options, there are no restrictions offering you the ultimate freedom.  With over 100 fragrances which do not compete with or reduce the final finish, we ensure the best compatibility with your car wax.

      Each commission is individually poured and is specifically matched to your paint system this means no two editions are the same. Arklet is offered in a dual display which has been meticulously crafted, holding just over 400ml of wax which is complimented by 2 free refills.

      We are trusted and utilised by the owners of rare and in some cases, irreplaceable motorcars. So you can be assured of our up-most attention to the finest details.

      Your car wax is blended in Britain and that means you can use it at lower temperatures and still be presented with a flawless finish.

      Your blend is no older than 3 days old when it departs from our Boutique. 

      When you purchase Arklet, you are purchasing a wax which has been developed with Scientific research which has allowed us to discover new ingredients which add a beneficial factor. When you choose this wax, you are purchasing the most optimised car wax to your paintwork.

      Isn't it pleasant to discover an Establishment who shares the same passion as you ?

      If you wish to discuss Arklet please telephone; +44 1877 365 005

      Why choose us?

      Made in scotland

      Our products are very high quality, easy to use and give a great finish. Whether it's Tyre dressing or a luxury wax, it's just 1 click away.


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