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For Vauxhall Paint

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Car Wax For A Vauxhall (X)

  • Very Limited Production, Highly Exclusive.
  • We Only Make 5 X's per year
  • 1 of 5
  • 45% minimum Premium T1 Carnauba Wax Content
  • Personalised Labelling (enhancing the exclusivity)
  • Specifically blended for The Owner Of A Vauxhall
  • Luxury Cosmetic Fragrance
  • High Gloss, High Clarity & Great Beading
  • The texture is exceptionally decadent and reflective of the extremely high-quality ingredients.

Celebrating New Car Ownership

Welcome to X, a blend of car wax which we first made for one of our enthusiasts in Europe. This wax was blended to celebrate the owners first purchase of a VXR model. 

8 Years Of Luxury Customisation

Mitchell & King have 8 years of blending waxes at the best level, we offer enthusiasts like you fantastic waxes, which are unique and incomparable due to the high level of active ingredients! X contains natural, fruit and nut oils which are unique and not replicated in any other blend we offer.

Shape Your Tomorrow With M&K

X is one of our newest Marque waxes and we only blend 5 of them per year. Each wax has a personalised label with your name printed (or other detail). 

High Gloss & Soft Wax. Stunning Combination For Wet Paint

This is a high gloss wax which is soft in the jar, making it very easy to obtain a wet look. X also offers fantastic beading. X is an exceptionally flexible wax and would suit both metallic and solid paint due to the ingredients we have used.  


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