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Wax for the new mini

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The Oxford wax has been carefully blended especially for the unique characteristics of the new model mini. All features of this popular modern classic have been considered when developing a wax that will complement the paintwork while nourishing and protecting against the elements. As with all Mitchell and King waxes, the secret ingredients work in harmony to deliver a supreme finish unlike any other.

Creating a glossy finish, you’ll find this easy to use product is the only wax you need to keep your new mini in perfect shape.

Bespoke ingredients have been carefully mixed in Scotland to bring out the best of the new mini model, enhancing the paintwork while bearing in mind the low wheel arches and proximity to the ground. All minis endure exposure to the elements and are subjected to harsh environments such as road chips, mud splashes and heat variations. The Mitchell and King Oxford car wax ensures that your car receives the ultimate protection to minimise the effects of these everyday occurrences.

Available in two generous sizes, the Oxford car wax is one you’ll want to keep in the boot to ensure your mini always shines with the glossy finish it deserves.

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