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Wax for a harley davidson

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Here at Mitchell and King we know that the Harley Davidson is more than just a motorbike. We know that it is often an extra family member that needs high quality treatments to really shine. This is why we developed Chopper, a wax solely for use on the Harley Davidson, formulated with all the unique features of the Harley in mind.

The Harley is obviously a strong and powerful bike capable of incredible power but it is also hard working and often put under extreme pressure. Our wax understands all of this, so whether you ride the bike on the open road in all weathers or reserve it for special occasions, our wax will bring out the very best of your Harley Davidson.

Complementing the original paintwork, our Chopper wax nourishes, cares and protects while delivering a high gloss finish that lasts under duress. Shielding your Harley’s paintwork from the elements, you’ll find this generously sized product becomes your go to treatment for your Harley Davidson.

Delivered in elite packaging, with Mitchell and King in the garage, you can be sure you’re always treating your Harley to the best wax on the market.

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