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Car Tyre Dressing

Super Glossy Tyre Dressing...which lasts

  • V2 Released 16/06/2017
  • 250ml/500ml/1Litre
  • High Sheen 
  • Sprayable, no mess 
  • Lasts weeks, not days 
  • Doesn't wash off in rain
  • Doesn't leave run marks 
  • Applys evenly 
  • Spray and leave, no need to spread or dry off
  • A dressed tyre can make all the difference to a car.

Nothing sets off a nicely waxed car than glossy tyre sidewalls. 

Welcome to Tyre V2, more glossy than before, stays much longer, sprayable (no mess) - spray and forget.

Do you have experience of a Tyre dressing which after the first rain, just rinses off. It's difficult to buy products which do all they say they are going to - surely a tyre dressing should dress a tyre, it's Tyre dressing 101 ! 

So, after all of this, I bring you a Tyre dressing which stays on the Tyre and keeps your Tyres looking glossy. 

Think of your tyres as an ageing skin, just like skin your rubber will need hydration to maintain the flexibility and a luxury satin or matte finish.

Using the finest ingredients you are provided with more flexibility and a more complete tyre dressing and hydration system.

We understand what it takes to make the most outstanding car care in the world. Our creations are utilised by some of the most sought after detailers in the world so you can be assured that the quality of your hand-blended and crafted creation is of high standing.

As you can see we certainly take car care seriously, ensure to browse our “Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit” to complete your “Wheel Collection.”

If this is a gift for a loved-one please upgrade your purchase to “Gift” and we shall enclose your creation within a timber box adorned by a personal message on a hand-engraved brass plaque.

"Personalisation label is Clear and not Black"


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