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Bespoke | 1 of 1

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Welcome to Bespoke, a collection of Three waxes which you can have blended to your exact requirements. 

This blend can you offer you a top of range bespoke Concours wax, a daily driver wax and a longevity wax. In addition to this, you also name each wax and we have their names carefully engraved on a solid plaque. 

Only one of these collections are available per year. 

We will work closely with you to achieve your required finish. 

You will receive a 250ml Jar, a 175ml Jar and a 100ml Jar. You will also receive a 200ml Glass jar of each wax for everyday use. Giving you a collasal One Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty Five milimetres of wax. Working out at only £2.66 per ml ! 

Each jar arrives with your personalised serial number so that we can refill the jars as and when you require them. 

The 250ml refill is ; £625.00

The 200ml refill is ; £500.00 

The 175ml refill is ; £437.50

The 100ml refill is ; £250.00

Refills working out at only £2.50 per ml. 


Why choose us?

Made in scotland

Our waxes are made in house, right here in Scotland. We use natural ingredients and use more than 10 years of blending knowledge to provide you with the very best products.


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