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Dripping Wet Paint

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Dripping Wet, Glossy Paint Car Wax

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Beautiful Lavender fragrance AND dripping wet paint - the ultimate wax to apply on a lazy Sunday. 

Only 12, 200ml's available. 

Do you want dripping wet, super high gloss paint ? Lavender car wax is a brilliant blend containing natural fruit and nut oils combined with high quality T1 Carnauba Wax which results in a truly outstanding car wax. 

As you apply the wax you will encounter the cosmetic grade Lavender fragrance wrap you in luxury. You will know that what you are applying is something very special indeed. 

The comments and compliments I've received as I have been testing Lavender on the car is staggering. The paint is so liquid and wet, the gloss was incredible - the car was difficult to miss. 


Lavender 200ml comes in a timber box with a brass plaque, which will have your name, your blend number and the wax name engraved onto it. If you would prefer to have something other than your name engraved please send an email or speak to John and he can assist with this. 01877 365 005

Don't forget the beading ! 

You can also choose from a wide range of kits such as Stelvio, Touring, QD & SPA Package. Each kit arriving with an engraved brass plaque with your blend number and your name.

Each wax is personally signed and numbered by John, to ensure you obtain your blend please selection which size you would like and if you wish a kit with the wax. We will then organise your blend and safely pack and request a courier collection.

If you have any questions regarding this blend please 'phone 01877 365 005 or email

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Customer Reviews

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Great wax

Lavender wax is a great wax to use.


This wax applies very easily and leaves a dripping wet, glossy finish.


This wax is amazing, easy on and easy off and produces an amazing shine.

Lavender wax

After talking to John who is forever helpful I brought some of this wax It is so easy to use, and the gloss and dept to the paint is amazing. Mitchell and king have some of the best waxes and liquids on the market. I have been detailing cars for over 20 years and have used most of the products on the market.
I can not recommend John's products enough.

Depth and Wet Look

I'm always looking for waxes bringing depth and a wet look. I have found it in this product.


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