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Superb Gloss Wax


Super glossy wax with the heady fragrance of real rose petals.


Femme is one of our newest car waxes, designed to deliver supreme results to any vehicle exterior along with creating a supreme finish. Using the unique blends and ingredients from Mitchell and King it boasts feminine floral notes that are enhanced with the use of 100% natural essential oils. These ingredients don’t only make waxing the car an absolute pleasure they are also known for their benefits as they nourish, protect and enhance the car’s exterior.

20% of every sale of Femme is given to breast cancer charities in order to support the incredible work these foundations do to raise awareness of breast cancer. Not only do the charities use donations to expand on research and develop medicine they also offer incredible support to families and people affected. 

If you have a Breast Cancer charity which you support, kindly tell us which one and we shall donate the 20% to your chosen charity.


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