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Starter Detailing Kit

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The Best Starter Detailing Kit

  • 2 x Complimentary Buckets
  • 2 x Complimentary Wash Mitts
  • 1 x Complimentary Drying Cloth 
  • 1 x ComplimentaryPack of 10 Applicator Pads
  • 500ml SPA (PH Neutral Car Shampoo) 
  • 1000ml RIM (Alloy Wheel Cleaner)
  • 1000ml RINSE (Spray On Polymer Coating) 
  • 1000ml SNOW (Snow Foam) 
  • 500ml QD (Quick Detailer) 
  • 500ml AIO (All in One Polish) 
  • 500ml Guard/Titan or Diamond Seal (Pre Wax Sealant) 
  • 500ml Endurance (Heavy Duty Spray Wax) 
  • 500ml Thread (Interior Shampoo) 
  • 500ml Nourish (Leather Dressing) 
  • 500ml Clear (Glass Cleaner) 
  • 500ml Treat (Interior Plastic Dressing) 
  • 50ml 11 (High Strength Air Freshener) 
  • 50ml RPM (Quality T1 Carnauba Wax)

Welcome to our first ever Starter Detailing Kit, this is actually great for the seasoned pro or beginner. This kit contains everything you need to get your car looking its absolute best. 

Giving the car a deep clean, polish and protection with this comprehensive kit. 


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