PH Neutral Car Shampoo

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Ph Neutral Car Shampoo With Lots Of Suds


PH Neutral Car Wash, Made In The UK.

Enhanced with Natural Coconut Oil.

The reformulation brings you a thicker shampoo, with more suds and greater slickness. 

Cleaning your car's paintwork with the correct PH neutral car shampoo is one of the best methods to maximuse the longevity of your bodywork and your Mitchell and King wax. Remember each Shampoo is created to varying standards and requirements. Only Mitchell and King blend their PH Neutral Car Shampoo to ensure maximum effectiveness and compatibility with Mitchell and King wax.

Our PH neutral car shampoo is specifically blended to compliment our waxes. For instance, SPA is free from gloss enhancers and other bulking agents which can have a negative effect on your car wax. This is due to ingredients interacting negatively with the wax coating, as you know our car waxes are pure products, blended from naturally occuring ingredients.

Your new PH neutral car shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo, returning more than 25 washes from a 250ml bottle of shampoo, the equivalent to just 80p per wash or just 21p per wash when you purchase the 5 Litre size. To make certain there is as little waste as possible we have included a pump dispenser for accurate measuring and a mess free hands. There is nothing worse than trying to pick up your shampoo bottle and its super slippy. 

Your PH neutral car shampoo is wax friendly and is free from harsh, acidic based cleansers, instead we have opted for naturally occurring cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients which enable frequent and safe washing. This makes certain that SPA is paintwork safe whilst effectively removing the containments from your paintwork.

Your PH neutral car shampoo has a collection of balanced, naturally occurring oils to keep both your car's skin and yours in optimum condition. The oils are suspended within the rich suds to ensure your wash mitt is lubricated to carry out a troublesome free wash.

SPA is a PH neutral blend, which is the purest option for cleansing your car, my thoughts are: if a chemical is on you it is in you. Our PH neutral car shampoo contains no harsh additives, which over time can be detrimental to your skin.

By now you know that SPA is safe for use on all paint types, whether it be vinyl or original classic carriagework. However, if you own a Matte finish please use our Matte Shampoo.

Your hand-blended PH neutral car wash is enhanced by a luxurious scent.

Who Uses SPA ?

SPA is currently being utilised by the Gold Rush Rally, where contestants cars regularly exceed £1m. Other users include Singer Vehicles, Arash Supercars, Venturi Cars, Rolls Royce Edinburgh, Ferrari Edinburgh, Maserati Edinburgh, Beverly Hills Porsche and some of the finest detailers in the world.

Quick Review

  • 25 washes per 250ml bottle
  • Natural Coconut Oil
  • PH Neutral
  • Safe for daily, weekly and monthly wash
  • Won't damage your wax
  • No Streaks
  • Ultra Safe Blend
  • PH Neutral Car Wash
  • Highly Concentrated
  • High Foaming
  • Strong Lubricity
  • Non Detergent
  • Pump action dispenser
  • No Sodium Content


PH Neutral


25 Washes (250ml)

Detergent Free


"Personalisation label is Clear and not Black"


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Have used Spa a few times after driving through snow and having a need to remove dirt and built up grim from my car. Worked really great and left my car spotless without any residue. Smells edible.

Really great

Only used Spa a couple of times but this has to be the slickest shampoo I've used. Allows my wash mitt to glide over the paint without worrying about marring or scratching the surface. The cleaning agents do a great job at loosening and removing dirt. I have a white car and after washing and a quick spritz of QD, it looked as if I'd spent hours polishing and waxing. I tried the hazelnut scent which reminds me of Nutella!


This is my preferred shampoo. It generates a lot of suds, cleans well with little effort leaving the paintwork slick and smells great. As you only need to use such a small amount it is great value for money.


It was difficult to wait until my previous shampoo had been used up before trying Spa (new toys and all that) but finally got there.
A pleasure to use from the smell to the lubricity upon the car. Foamed up nicely with the bubbles remaining stable in the bucket for the whole wash , as some have said not to foamy on the actual car but I prefer that. Allows a mit to glide over the surface with ease and rinses off with ease.
The fragrance options are really good , chose Hazelnut which smell really nice (so nice that after use just had to make a nice liqueur coffee with a certain Italian Hazelnut liqueur). All in all a great shampoo

Just glides.

This shampoo is just on another level. It just feels right when using it. Suds up great and glides over the paint. Leaves nothing behind apart from clean pant work.

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