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Easy On Deep and Wet

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Luxurious depth with outstanding wetness. Easy On. Optimised to use the low light levels in Winter to ensure a high gloss shine in the shorter months.

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Super High Gloss & Wetness

Imagine a wax which produces high levels of gloss and wetness even in the low light Winter conditions, let me introduce you to Solstice December.

Mitchell and King waxes have one of the most attentive, reliable and knowledgeable after sales care systems available. When you telephone you will always be connected to John, the owner and chief Artisan of Mitchell and King.

Presenting a fantastic celebration of the Winter Solstice, one of the most interesting days which marks both the shortest daylight and the longest night. 

As many of us within the northern hemisphere understand our short supply of daylight in the Winter can be a tricky obstacle to overcome with regard to detailing. Solstice December is specifically blended to utilise and maximise the amount of daylight available, even in low light, overcast scenarios.

I've used ingredients which have the maximum amount of gloss and wetness, my thoughts behind this - if we can use ingredients which I've experienced high levels of gloss with, then we are essentially using the best tool for the job. 

I can only imagine how well this will perform as our daylight hours increase. Definitely one to have your product choice. .

Solstice has an expected lifespan of 3/4 months on the paintwork, bearing in mind this is the ideal longevity for Winter as it's the maximum time I recommend for a paint to be without a full decontamination. Post Winter decon is one of the most important of the season, removing the harsh winter salt and debris. 

Solstice is presented in a thick-walled White 200ml glass jar accompanied by a timber box and personalised brass plaque, unless it is ordered with a touring kit, in this case, the plaque is presented on the aviation flight case. A 100ml is also available with a personalised and numbered label. 

If you have any questions, please email me and I would be happy to help. Click Here To Email

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