Show Car Sample

Show Gloss

Introducing a ground breaking show car wax specifically catering to your paint finish.

If you take your show season serious, we can give you the added advantage of a car wax which is specifically blended for your paint, whether it be a OEM colour or custom, we can blend a car wax which maximises the natural brillaince of your finish.

This wax is different to Elegance, our Concours car wax as the Show Car Wax will provide superb gloss whilst offering the protection which you may require on your way to the event or if the vehicle is outside for a longer period of time.

We know that your car is very important to you, as it is to ourselves, we wanted to blend a car wax which was worthy of the show car title whilst offering you protection on your way to the event. 

The show car wax arrives in three colour choices and a variety of fragrances, choose your combination from the menu and we will craft it.

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