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Marque Wax

45% T1 & Personalised Labels

Please choose 1 to 8 options
custom car wax
  • A Perfectly Chosen Wax
  • 200ml of wax
  • Personalised Label
  • Choose Colour & Fragrance (Brand New)!!
  • Options to upgrade package
  • Complimentary 250ml bottle of QD, Pure or SPA
  • Complimentary Microfibre Applicator
  • Complimentary 800gsm Microfibre
  • Name Your Wax

Searching for a wax which perfectly suits your paint ? We may have the answer.

Do you want special? Something which is tailored to your exact paint requirements?  
Whether you own a modern car or a pre-war, we can blend a wax specifically for your requirements.
This wax is based on our 52% T1 Carnauba blend. A highly flexible blend which we tailor to your paint's exact needs.
Different paint systems require a different approach, for instance we blend a different wax for a pre war Jaguar than one we would provide to the owner of a new F Type. One of the main differences is a clear coat and the use of metallic flake.
The solid paint doesn't benefit from clarity as much as it would from a wet gloss, whereas the F type - especially in Black or Red benefits from both clarity (due to the clear coat) and wet gloss (due to the colour). If you want the very best match for your paint, then I am sure we have something for you.
If you are looking to get the best from your paint then Request is the perfect starting point.
Above is an example of a Request wax (minus the labelling) The Request wax arrives in a 100ml glass jar and is decorated with your chosen name on the label.  The 100ml glass jar is protected within a high gloss, timber box.
Simply enter the make and model of your car and the paint colour.


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