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Quick Seal

Mitchell and King Car Wax and Detailing Products

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The Quick Seal Kit

  • Get 6 months protection in under 5 minutes. 
  • Spray on and buff off 
  • As easy to use as a slick quick detailing spray
  • Highly Hydrophobic 
  • Anti Static 
  • Easy to clean

Welcome to our quick seal kit, consisting of 250ml of Seal and 250ml of Wax+

The perfect way to protect your paintwork before laying down a super glossy layer of M&K wax. 

Use Wax+ as a base for Seal and in a simple step get nearly half a year of protection and wet gloss. 

To apply Seal simply spray onto the paint and buff off, no need to let it dry. Simply spray and wipe. 

To apply Wax+ follow the same easy process as Seal, simply spray and wipe. 

Using the best technologies available, you are effortlessly protecting your paintwork. 


Customer Reviews

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Perfect Seal.

Service absolut as i never had before.....
Thanks a lot.


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