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Super Safe Pre Wash

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Car Pre Wash Cleaner

The video is Before the Pre Wash And After The Pre Wash 


"Welcome to our brand new Pre Wash Cleaner, comes complete in a handy 1 litre spray with chemical resistant spray head - for extra longevity. "

Loosen Bonded Contaminents And Have A Safer Main Wash

Here at Mitchell and King we are always thinking of ways of keeping your washing regime as safe as possible, we've recently introduced a more slick snow foam, with extra thick foam as well as a new high dilution ratio shampoo. However, we know that you can't always be bothered to take out the pressure washer, or have the access to outside power. 

The power of a pre-wash without the bulky machinery

So we've created a product which has the power of a pre wash, but in a 1 litre bottle ! Exile is a powerful pre wash cleaner which safely softens and loosens any bonded contaminants, making them much more likely to come off with less effort by the time you get to the wash stage. 

Personalisation label is Clear and not Black 


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