Car Wax for a Nissan Skyline

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  • Blend of natural oils and waxes
  • Personalised to your Nissan Skyline
  • Suitable for modern paintwork systems
  • Layerable
  • Easy on/off

Nihon is specifically designed for the owner of a Nissan Skyline, Nihon is engineered in homage of a spectacular vehicle.

The modern Nissan Skylines are formidable vehicles, especially in GT-R specification. In the correct hands these vehicles offer one of the most advanced driving experiences.

Our client approached with a common quandary on such Japanese paintwork, soft paint. He found that regular bathing of the vehicle was producing wash marring even considering his careful wash technique. Our client was aware that abrasive, frequent polishing is not the most appropriate choice. They wished to have a blend to use on their Nissan Skyline which complimented the paint finish and increases the lifespan of the paint.

The Nissan Skyline car wax is engineered with filling properties, which don't replace polishing, rather they extend the time between abrasive polishing and maximise the life of the paint.

Nihon is softer than many of our other waxes as a precautionary measure to eliminate any application marring on the Nissan Skyline paintwork.

Nihon is available in any colour and fragrance combination.

Nihon contains high quantities of Yellow carnauba which offers a warm glow.

Extremely easy to remove.

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