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Our wettest car wax! 

Ferrari Enzo Montgomery Mitchell and King

  • The Wettest Car Wax
  • Great For Those Wanting Super Wet Paint
  • 4-5 Months Durability 
  • High T1 Content 
  • Brass Plaque With Name and Blend Number
  • Only 10 available per year
  • 200ml Jar gives c50 coats 
  • Made In House 
  • Finest Quality Ingredients
The Story

Many of the most notable cars which grace our roads have been "out-of-hours" projects such as the GTi, and E30 M3.  Montgomery commenced life as an experiment which was to prove very enjoyable. The brief was to blend a high gloss car wax which offered user good beading properties.

We had previously made waxes with both qualities and we wanted to create something even more special. 

The Blend 

Officially there are over 30 prototype blends of this high gloss car wax, Montgomery. The finished article which we present to you is a fine balance between gloss, application and water beading. 

Montgomery is the glossiest car wax we offer, as demonstrated by the image of the Ferrari above, the results speak for themselves. This car wax sits perfectly on solid colours, offering a high gloss shine which we feel is unmatched due to our unique blend of ingredients.

Montgomery contains cosmetic, organic and fair trade ingredients to ensure the highest quality finish. Our high gloss wax is enriched with naturally occurring ingredients.

Mitchell and King car waxes are individually poured. Each blend is individually crafted to your requirements ensuring the finest quality.

Finally, Montgomery is available to refill for 50% of the original retail cost.

Application & Tips 

Less is more...

Spritz microfibre pad with QD to ensure pad isn't dry, apply wax to 1/3 of the pad, do not saturate pad. 

Apply to whole car with microfibre applicator pad (you will receive One with your order) 

Leave to cure for at least 30 minutes 

Apply Two layers if possible to enhance effects

Boost longevity and gloss with Wax+ 


Please email or telephone 01877 365 005 and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 


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