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Classic Car Wax

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Classic Car Wax

Monte Carlo is our brand new wax catering specifically for High Gloss. Blended from real Mint!

  • 200ml & 50ml
  • Natural colour, no additives
  • Unique Blend
  • Luxury Car Wax
  • Freshly Crushed Garden Mint Infused Fragrance
  • 200ml Limited to 12
  • 200ml comes with DW Mug, Tunnock's & Irn Bru as well as Sample Wax & Liquid
  • Provides a High Gloss Finish 
  • Exceptionally Gentle Ingredients, Perfect For Classic Coachwork
  • Easy On/Off
  • 3+ Months Longevity
  • Great Beading & Water Repellency
  • Utilised By Classic Car Community
  • Ability to Layer
  • Apply To The Whole Car

With one of the freshest smells to hit the market, we truly believe that Monte Carlo, a wax which has been specifically developed to protect and nourish classic car paint. This is a car wax which every classic car enthusiast should hold in their magic detailing supplies.  

We used the most nourishing oils and waxes available to help preserve your car for future generations. 

Monte Carlo is available in small batches and for its launch, we have only have 12 available this year! 

We know that your car is very important to you, as it is to ourselves, we wanted to blend a car wax which was worthy of the show car title whilst offering you protection on your way to the event. 

We are always delighted to hear from new or existing clients. You can contact Mitchell and King on 01877 365 005 or you can simply email too.

We accept all payment methods including American Express, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheque.

*All cars prepared by Glynn from Elite Detailer of

  • Longevity upto 3 months, depending on shampoo used, area stored and climate
  • More gloss, easier to work and improved beading over Show Car V1
  1. Spritz Microfibre applicator with Quick Detailer

  2. Apply wax to one side of microfibre pad only

  3. Apply thin layers and work a small panel at a time, make sure pad is flat to panel

  4. Take a deep pile Microfibre 800 gsm and sprtiz with Quick Detailer

  5. Gently buff the excess wax

  6. Allow the thin layer of wax to cure

  7. Take fresh Microfibre 800gsm , spritz with Quick Detailer and buff to high shine.

This wax is different to Elegance which is our Concours car wax. Concour events are typically only held over a few days and cars are not normally subject to the same degree of driving or exposure as a Show Car. Thus Elegance only focuses on aesthetics, it offers the softest gloss which is very much in demand at a Concours event, additionally you can have Elegance refilled for 50% of the Investment Cost. Show Car Wax will provide superb gloss whilst offering the protection which you may require on your way to the event or if the vehicle is outside for a longer period of time. Another high gloss wax which you may wish to consider is Montgomery, again a different animal due to the complex and lengthy list of luxurious ingredients. Montgomery using only natural ingredients with the added benefits of longer protection. Not to mention it's highly exclusive producionand presentation.

 Special thanks to Mr Foden for the use of the images of his Cayman. 

Polished & waxed #showcarwax #porsche #930turbo #flawlessfinishrva @mitchellandking

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Customer Reviews

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Monte Carlo

This product is easy to work with and shows good performance.
The reflection make me happy.

Jaguar club North America Michigan Concours

Scored 99.995 at Michigan Jaguar Concours. Applied and layered multiple coats of Monte Carlo Mitchell & King wax. Easy application and the brightness improved with every additional coat of wax.


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