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Car Wax for a Bugatti

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  • Blend of natural oils and waxes
  • Personalised to your Bugatti
  • Suitable for both classic paintwork systems
  • Layerable
  • Easy on/off

Your Bugatti is a work of art and a feat of engineering so it certainly makes sense to preserve the presence of such a marque for generations to come. With less than 1000 Bugatti's sold last year it has a presence on the road which ensures its position as one of the most luxurious and exclusive marques in the world.

To ensure your Bugatti retains it's peak aesthetic we advise protecting the carriage-work from water etching, UV damage and general degradation. As you know, without a protective layer the most menial tasks, such as keeping the Bugatti clean can be trying. A protective coating will ensure water sheets quicker from the surface and less contaminants cling to the carriage-work.

Our mantra is; preventing paint damage is far easier than repairing paint damage.

Molsheim is the only car wax in the world which is tailor-made to your specification and your particular model of Bugatti, offering the best solution to your requirements.

Many Bugatti's are offered in dual colours and we can offer a service which includes two waxes, each one specifically suited to the colour. Please direct enquiries to

As a Bugatti owner, you immediately enter a world of exclusivity and luxury. We only release 20 Molsheim waxes every year as we have found this allows Mitchell and King to uphold our personal service. You may believe that your Bugatti is a representation of your establishment's success and as you wish to be presented in an immaculate light, so must your transport.

When we commence a blend there are a number of questions we may ask you or the keeper of your vehicle such as; where the vehicle is stored, what its primary use is and the estimated mileage of your Bugatti. All of these questions allow us to create a car wax which will perfectly suit your Bugatti and compliment its grand details.

It may sound obvious, but we take car care seriously and we only offer you the finest creations – all of which are hand-made. Our priority is offering creations which are the most suitable. Your car wax is individually blended in our period boutique within the Scottish Highlands and the only ingredient we import is Carnauba Wax, which comes directly from the northern region of Brazil. At this point it is important to mention that all of our ingredients are fair trade, organic and natural – where possible, we can also offer hypo-allergenic fragrances as standard.

The exquisite packaging which you see here, includes a hand made timber enclosure which wears a brass plaque with your name, Bugatti model or paint code and a choice of storage jars. There are a variety of options for jars including our double insulated poly propylene jar and our imposing solid billet aluminium jar, which weighs 700grams, a sure sign of the quality we offer.

Along with your enclosure you will receive a personalised welcome letter from myself, certificate and usage instructions, along with my personal telephone number should you wish to discuss any application or removal techniques.

We recommend retaining the jar within the enclosure to ensure its safety whilst you apply the coating to your paint. In addition you can have your wax refilled for only 50% of the original investment cost.

If you require one of our Approved Ambassadors to apply the wax for you, please make a note of this at point of purchase and I shall arrange this for you.

Thank You, any further enquiries please of telephone +44 1877 365 005

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Rich And Warm

M&K's Molsheim Wax is easy to use and leaves a warm, rich finish. Apply a nice thin coat, allow to cure and buff off; it's that simple.

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