Car Wax for a Modern Ferrari

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Car Wax For A Ferrari

  • 50% T1 Carnauba Car Wax Content
  • Made In The U.K.
  • Each wax is individually blended
  • Limited to Only 10 per year
  • Each blend is numbered and dated
  • Blend of natural oils and waxes
  • Car wax specifically blended to suit Modern Ferrari
  • Layerable
  • Easy on/off
  • This car wax was originally blended for a Ferarri Collection

Here at Mitchell and King, we are one of the few car wax manufacturers in the world. Every blend is made in-house and is hand finished to ensure the highest quality. 

Like you, our client wanted to find something which had the right balance of ingredients and something he could trust to give him the finish he wanted.

Mitchell and King have worked alongside many Ferrari owners over the years and John has acquired a knowledge over this time frame, which further assists in pinpointing exactly the characteristics which best suit the Ferrari paintwork. 

Our car wax for Ferrari owners only has 10 releases per year, each of which is dated and signed to ensure no replications or confusion. 

Modena is the perfect car wax for your Ferrari, when we blend Modena we make sure that the ingredients are of the highest quality so that you get the best result possible and can enjoy your Ferrari to its fullest! 

I can assure you that when you park up, it'll be difficult not to look back to check the shine. 

Join your Ferrari owners today and secure your Modena

Modena is extremely easy to remove, of course, our customer service is world renowned and we are on hand should you have any questions. 

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