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Dripping Wet Gloss

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car wax for a ferrari Dripping Wet Gloss 

  • Dripping Wet Finish With Good Longevity 
  • Blended for a Ferrari 275 GTB
  • Perfect On Dark & Light Colours
  • Limited to Only 15 per year
  • Each blend is numbered and personalised with your name
  • Blend of 100% natural oils and waxes
  • Layerable
  • Easy on/off
  • Luxury Oudh Fragrance
  • 50% T1 Carnauba Wax Content
  • c3/4 Months Protection 
  • 200ml gives around 45 layers of wax
  • Complimentary air freshener with each 200ml
  • New style labels
  • Made In House, United Kingdom
  • We Ship World-Wide
  • No Abrasives or Harsh Chemicals 

Modena was a request from a client based in Europe, he was introduced to the brand through our Youtube channel and was keen to have a wax blended for his collection. 

The collection consisted of mainly solid colours and he wanted to achieve a super wet look. 

The main vehicle which was due to be presented at a local Concours was the Ferrari below. He wanted a really wet look finish, but required longevity due to the car being use for vintage rallies. 

car wax for a ferrari

Each wax in the marque collection is blended from scratch and is totally unique to any other wax in the lineup including our core range or luxury range, this ensures that you can collect many waxes and enjoy the different characteristics.

Mitchell and King have worked alongside many Ferrari owners over the years and John has acquired a knowledge over this time frame, which further assists in pinpointing exactly the characteristics which best suit the Ferrari paintwork. 

Modena is limited to 15 blends per year, each of which is dated and signed to ensure no replications or confusion

The Summary

Modena is an ultra wet look wax and offers you good protection of 3/4 (you can boost this with wax+) months!

It's easy to apply and our team have worked relentlessly to build a fragrance which completes the experience. 

The 200ml arrives in a Red Jar with our brand new Racing style livery on the lid of the jar, a classic design which is sure to look at home. 

With each 200ml you will receive a complimentary matching air freshener.

Application & Tips 

Less is more...

Spritz microfibre pad with QD to ensure pad isn't dry, apply wax to 1/3 of the pad, do not saturate pad. 

Apply to whole car with microfibre applicator pad (you will receive One with your order) 

Leave to cure for at least 30 minutes 

Apply Two layers if possible to enhance effects

Boost longevity and gloss with Wax+ 


Please email or telephone 01877 365 005 and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Three Complimentary Liquids



We are pleased to announce our ITB program. With the purchase of a 200ml Boreas, you will receive Three, 250ml complimentary liquids when purchasing at full price. Please check ITB to see what you are entitled to when purchasing with a discount code. Please send an email to with your liquid choice. 




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