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Car Wax For Metallic Paint

"All I can say is that it looks absolutely sensational" - Andy H

  • Anvil Is Specifically Engineered To Give You The Max Flake Pop
  • Perfect For Light & Dark Metallics
  • c45 Applications from a 200ml Jar
  • Luxury Cosmetic Fragrance
  • Durability of 3-4 months 
  • New Personalised Label Included on 200ml
  • Blended In House
  • 100% Natural Oils & Waxes
  • No Harsh Abrasives Or Chemicals
  • Easy to Apply 
  • Layerable
  • Made In House 
  • Made In The United Kingdom
The Story
Anvil started life as a request on Detailing World, to make a wax which had superb clarity and gloss to suit metallic paint - this was a world first, no other options were available at the time.
Our recipe book contains notes on every blend we have made over the last 8 years. This allows us to delve in and find the oils and waxes which match the request...exactly, plus we keep in depth notes on the specific oils and waxes to ensure that the final blend is what is required.  
Once we have identified the ideal blend, we collate the ingredients and start with a prototype, the prototype provides a real life example of how the oils and waxes work together. Then we can tweak the recipe so that it performs exactly as it's required. 

Most car wax is too opaque, which is why there is a lack of flake. At Mitchell and King we can create the same warmth, but we have utilised specific oils with superb clarity so that you get a super flake pop! A customer has submitted the image below to show the quality of finish that Anvil provides. 


audi car wax and detailing products

The Blend

Anvil is the perfect wax for any car which has metallic paint. It offers you great flake pop and super wetness. 

Anvil is a natural colour so as not to impede the natural ingredients and to ensure the optimum clarity on your paint. 

Blended from a collection of high clarity oils and low colour waxes to guarantee the finish is as crisp and transparent as possible.

Apply to the whole car and allow to cure for upto 30 minutes, our waxes cure hard rather than evaporate so that you get a better finish and more of the blend is left on the paint. 

The perfect wax if you have metallic paint and wish to show off the metallic fleck within your colour coat. 

Hints & Tips

We know that your car is very important to you, as it is to ourselves, we wanted to blend a car wax which was worthy of the show car title whilst offering you protection on your way to the event. 

We are always delighted to hear from new or existing clients. You can contact Mitchell and King on 01877 365 005 or you can simply email too.

We accept all payment methods including American Express, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheque.

You will receive a M&K welcome pack when you spend over £75.00, this included a M&K mug, a 15ml sample of wax, a 50ml liquid sample and a sweet.

  1. Spritz Microfibre applicator with Quick Detailer

  2. Apply wax to one side of microfibre pad only

  3. Apply thin layers and work a small panel at a time, make sure pad is flat to panel

  4. Take a deep pile Microfibre 1300 gsm and spritz with Quick Detailer

  5. Gently buff the excess wax

  6. Allow the thin layer of wax to cure

  7. Take fresh Microfibre 1300gsm, spritz with Quick Detailer and buff to a high shine.

Another wax you may wish to consider for metallics is our much coveted Philip. Click here to visit the page, there are only 20 per year - so please don't hesitate. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

great results and easy application
great stuff

2nd purchase of a M&K wax

I was looking to bring out the metallic flake on a new 2018 vehicle of mine. I learnt of M&K waxes by way of the Detailing World website. Not by someone's word of mouth or a recommendation from a detailer. I liked what was being offered and the approach M&K had towards their product line. Anvil fit my need and was first applied using only one application. The feeling I perceived was a thicker finish when buffed off. I liked the thicker feeling of more wax protecting my paint. I plan to do a better application using Pure and will layer Anvil when weather permits, for a more quality shine. I'm satisfied knowing the shell is being better taken care of using this wax. Is M&K my Achilles heel in waxes? I'll let you know.


First time to use anvil on mine car. I put on 3 layers. When the sun hits the car the flakes in the paint pop. Great clear wax.


After machine polishing and an application of Pure I treated my metallic Flame Red paintwork to two coats of Anvil.

Applied with a M&K microfibre applicator, buffed off with ease.

All I can say is that it looks absolutely sensational, very glossy with great depth, but most of all, the flake pop is fantastic. Flame Red is a lovely colour and Anvil has really bought out the flake in the paintwork.

Superb finish on Race Blue

After spending a few days polishing my car Anvil was the LSP of choice.

The first application was left to cure on the whole car for about 15 minutes before being buffed off. After about an hour a second application was left for a few minutes per panel before being buffed off.

With each method the wax buffed off easily even in direct sunlight.

The finish is simply stunning, the flake pop is amazing and there is a real depth to the paint.


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