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Total Interior Cleaning Kit

The Ultimate Deep Clean

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  • 1000ml APC (All Purpose Cleaner)
  • 500ml Thread (upholstery cleaner) 
  • 500ml Clear (glass cleaner) 
  • 500ml Treat (plastic dressing) 
  • 500ml Sanitise (Antimicrobial Spray) 
  • 500ml Enzyme (enzyme-based cleaner) 
  • 500ml Clean (Hand Wash)
  • 50ml Antibac (Anti Bacterial Gel)

We've collated a fully comprehensive interior cleaning kit, this kit covers every aspect from using enzymatic liquids which properly kill and neutralise odours such as urine, milk or fecal matter. 

Safely clean Fabric with Thread and keep the upholstery soft to the touch with Thread's inbuilt fabric softeners. 

Achieve smear free, sparkly glass, Clear can break down Nicotine and general grime. Clear and ensure you can see clearly and safely whilst driving. 

Treat is an Anti UV coating for any plastic interior trim, the perfect finishing touch. 

Sanitise is an Antimicrobial spray which can tackle a variety of bacteria and viruses.*

Enzyme will properly break down any enzyme based liquid such as Milk spillages or Pet Urine, leaving a safe and odour free result. 

Clean, make sure your hands are squeaky clean after tackling your car by using a purpose-made super luxury hand soap. Perfect to keep in the Garage. 

Lastly, keep a 50ml Antibacterial Gel in the Car. 

*Sanitise is effective against bacteria including MRSA and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, Bird flu and Swine flu.

*Please note, these products are not proven to kill or otherwise affect the Corona Virus. 


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